Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ten reasons my dad is super awesome

Today is my Dad's birthday! Since it's April 10th, I decided to tell you all 10 things I love about my dad.

ONE. He's the world's best texter.

(Those are from two different half marathons -- he made it to my first but couldn't be at my second)

TWO. He reads my blog! Since he's not really my target audience (my blog tends to mostly resonate with women in their 20s-ish), I love that he still reads it!

THREE. My dad is not a beach guy. But when I was growing up, we trekked 21 hours in a mini van every summer to visit my extended family and the beach. My dad made it through every sandy day and every heat wave, because he knew the rest of us loved it and because he loves us.

FOUR. He eats anything I'll bake. Even when I mess it up. Even the burned chocolate chip cookies. (Especially the burned chocolate chip cookies.)

FIVE. He has always been the goofiest dad. I mean. Just look.

SIX. We have always joked that my dad turns into a pumpkin at about 9:00 -- he has always had super demanding, physical jobs, so he conks out at night and goes to bed early. But recently, when Pat and I were home, my dad stayed up till TWO IN THE MORNING playing card games with us. If that's not love, I don't know what it is.

SEVEN. Speaking of Pat, my dad and Pat get along so well. And isn't that just the best? When I graduated undergrad, they shared a lemonade at my graduation ceremony. I like to think it has bonded them for life.

EIGHT. He is the keeper of the pets. Ever since I was in preschool, my dad has been the one to bring home and take care of all our pets. That time, it was a bird. He hid the bird's cage under a sheet and made me and my older sister guess what it was. When I was a little bit older, it was a bunny he won for me at the county fair. In between, before, and after there have been (approximately) seven dogs, three hamsters, another bird, some chicks, some turtles, some lizards, a million fish, a bunch of aquatic frogs and newts, and one kitty.

NINE. When I was in a play in high school, I volunteered to host the cast party after our last performance. I don't remember whose idea it was, but me and my dad built a fire pit in the side of our yard. We collected giant rocks and made a ring and he found an old knocked-down telephone pole or something and dragged it over using his truck and now we have the coolest fire pit ever. He also builds us awesome fires almost every time I'm home.

TEN. He takes and sends me awesome selfies

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I hope it's great!


Breenah A said...

Happy Birthday Abbey's Dad!!! You seem super cool :D

Katrin said...

Your dad totally rocks! Love this post! Happy birthday to your Dad!

Kate said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBEY'S DAD! I need to meet him. ;)

Also, I don't even think my Dad knows what a selfie is. HA. He's actually sent a feeeew texts now that he has an iPhone. But one of the only ones he's ever sent me said, "This is the only text I will ever send." bahahaha.

Shauna said...

Omg that dog is so freaking cute!

Happy birthday Abbey's dad!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is fantastic! Happy birthday to your his selfies!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is fantastic! Happy birthday to your his selfies!

emily01 said...

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Marley Marie said...

Okay seriously best selfies ever!!! hahaha my dad barely knows how to text!


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