Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Facing your problems

Hey friends!

Today is the second week of the 30 Topics link up! If you missed it last week...

My blogging bff Tamara is hosting a thought provoking link up for the next forever -- 30 topics in 30 weeks, inspired by these two articles about things to do for yourself and things to stop doing to yourself. Because I know everything Tam does is awesome, I decided to participate.

Lehmann Laughter

And today's topic is based on the first two pieces of advice:

Stop running from your problems and start facing your problems head on.

I tend to put off some of the difficult things.

Sometimes, I don't think I can help it. Anxiety is a beast, and sometimes I don't have it in me to do things. So I procrastinate and push stuff off another day another day a n o t h e r d a y.

But mostly, I find that when I do finally do that thing I don't want to do, there is relief. There is closure. There is the feeling that even if I didn't do the thing perfectly, or even to the best of my ability, the thing is done and it's not a rain cloud over my head anymore.

Sometimes, I just have to remind myself that I'm doing the best with what I have and giving what I have to give.

OTHER TIMES. Other times I wish I could get my problems over with. Like this whole finding-a-job thing. Wouldn't it be great if I could find a dream job and have it already lined up, I don't know, like yesterday? So that is one problem I would LOVE to face head on. But it's filling a water bottle from a  from a leaky faucet with a slow drip and I'm getting there with each little drop. Someday. Someday. Someday.

I think life would maybe be easier if I could face everything head on. Get it done now. But as a human who requires a lot of time to think and to process, I am not sure I would be happy in that world, a world where I don't take the time to consider my solution and act on it before coming up with alternatives.

Are you a slow processor? Do you face your problems head on?


Genna said...

I'm so with you on all this. Anxiety makes me sloooow with problems, but when they're done I'm pretty much always kicking myself saying, "you dope! Look how much better you feel?! Why didn't you just do this a week ago?!"

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I'm with you on this's definitely something I need to work on!

Tamara said...

I love that feeling of finally accomplishing something I had been putting off and I try to remember that for whenever I feel myself falling into the procrastination loophole - sometimes it helps, but mostly it just makes me mad that I can't find the get up and go to get-r-done.

My husband on the other hand is a LETS DO THIS NOW and that is a whole nother level of anxiety. I don't even know how to deal with non-procrastinationness half the time.It's exhausting. Lol.


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