Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do A(n easy) Good Thing for Sick Children

Hellloooooo everyone!

Remember a while back when I raised money for Children's Miracle Network through KU Dance Marathon?

(If you don't remember, a quick recap: last semester, I started advising a student group called KU Dance Marathon. These crazy passionate, hardworking, loving students work year-round to raise money that goes to sick kiddos in our local Children's Miracle Network hospital.)

I'm still working with KUDM, and we currently have a SUPER EASY, quick way to help out!

A local apartment complex is donating $1000 to the student group who gets the most likes on their picture. If you have a facebook, please consider going and liking KUDM's picture HERE. It'll take you three seconds. Maybe seven if you have to log in. But it could make a huge difference in the life of a struggling little one and their family.

(Yes, I'm trying to guilt you into this.)

If you really want to help, please also consider sharing the picture! The more likes, the better chance we have at helping more kids.

Like the picture here!

Questions? Check out KUDM's website or let me know!

Thanks, loves! FTK!


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Done! Good luck!


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