Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello from Colorado!

I've been keeping secrets again. The biggest one I showed off on Instagram this week -- did you see?

Yup, I've moved to Colorado!

If you've been around a little while, you probably know I graduated in May with my Masters of Higher Education Administration -- a degree that prepares you to work in college administration. My people are called Student Affairs Professionals, and we do things like work with student activities, advise students academically and on career development, and provide educational and safe on-campus living.

Anyway. I got a new job in Colorado and just a short month later, here I am! (Today is actually my first day at the new job -- wish me luck!)

I am TERRIBLY behind with you all, seeing as I've spent the last month apartment hunting, wrapping up my old job and moving, so I may be posting about some things that happened forever ago (like graduation!) but that I want to document here. Bear with me!

This move also means the start of mine and Pat's last stint of having a long-distance relationship -- he's still in Kansas getting his masters and he'll join me here in Colorado in May when he finishes.

Anyway. I hope to be back here more regularly, perhaps with a few retrospective posts, but hopefully updating you all on current happenings!

Love from Colorado!

PS -- Who wants to come visit???


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