Friday, March 1, 2013

Book review: Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr

Description from Goodreads (below) can be found here along with other reviews. Linking up with Blonde... Undercover Blonde for Book Club Friday.

When she is caught in the backseat of a car with her older brother's best friend--Deanna Lambert's teenage life is changed forever. Struggling to overcome the lasting repercussions and the stifling role of "school slut," she longs to escape a life defined by her past. With subtle grace, complicated wisdom and striking emotion, Story of a Girl reminds us of our human capacity for resilience, epiphany and redemption.

I found Sara Zarr in January when I read her book Sweethearts. Although the book didn't really speak to me in particular, I was so impressed with Zarr's realistic characters and relationships. I picked up Story of a Girl on a whim in the library a few weeks ago.

Guys, this could have been written about my life.

I related SO strongly to so many things in this book. Not that my dad ever caught me in the back seat of someone's car or that I actually DID anything that Deanna did. But so much of what she feels in this book, I've felt too. Even some of the things she did, my friends did or boyfriends did and I had to deal with the repercussions or decide how to respond.

This was a true-to-life book. It was full of emotion and rawness and teenage experience and LIFE. And I loved it.

I gave it four stars and highly recommend it. It's less than 200 pages. What do you have to lose?

Have any of you read Story of a Girl? What did you think?


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