Sunday, February 23, 2014

Real talk: Weight management

I've been gaining weight.

I think it's a combination of marathon training (EAT ALL THE THINGS.) plus stress eating because of school and job searching PLUS my boyfriend is gone for 12 weeks and I'm sad eating.

So. I've been gaining weight. Or, more accurately, I gained some weight and I can't get it back off.

If you've been around for a while, you might know that I lost 20 pounds in the first year-ish that I had this blog. I wasn't quite where I wanted to be yet, but I maintained that until this winter. It's not about the number on the scale, exactly. That's there, too. But today my ring got stuck on my finger. And my pants aren't fitting like they should.

So I'm trying to go back on the wagon of paying attention to what I'm eating, because eating all the things is always my real trouble. I definitely exercise lots. Just need to eat better.

And I'm putting it here to hold myself accountable. I'm trying to use MyFitnessPal again. If we were friends on there once, we're probably not friends anymore because in a fit of frustration a while back I deleted all my friends... So if you'd like to add me, I'm aestrusz on MyFitnessPal.

More accountability is good, right?

Love from Kansas!

EDIT: I think this post came out more about the scale than I meant it too. When I think about marathon training and the changes I'm forcing on my body -- I EXPECTED the numbers to change. But I know that it's more than that since my clothes aren't fitting right and my rings are getting stuck on my fingers. It's more than just muscle or weight that I should gain during training. Just, FYI.


Holly said...

I think it's great you're being so open and honest about it. Gaining weight is no fun, but your IS hard to lose it again!! I've focused on eating healthier but also portion control. Honestly, smaller portions lead to weight loss. I also do Advocare, and I know it can be pricey but if you're interested in learning more I can help you out! That has made a HUGE difference in my weight loss journey!! And don't focus so much on the scale but rather how you feel. That might make things easier :)

Kristen said...

I'm feeling the same way! But I haven't been training OR eating like I should be. I definitely sympathize with the "eat all the things" mentality right now. lol

This past week was my first week actually being decent and working out 5x. But I expressed to Ryan yesterday how frustrated I was and felt like my pants weren't fitting, and he reminded me it's only been a week. I very much suffer from the "I need results NOW" mentality. But it was a good reminder!

Kate said...

I'm torn between how I want to respond to this. Because I want to scream at you, "YOU ARE TRAINING FOR A MARATHON. YOU ARE AWESOME. WHO CARES WHAT THE SCALE SAYS?!"

But at the same time.. I know just how frustrating it is to see those numbers go back up, and no matter what people see, that number and the way things fit can really affect my attitude. So from that stand point, I hope you can quickly find the balance between marathon training and eating healthy. Because ultimately, it's how YOU feel that matters the most. And we all want a happy AND healthy Abbey. :)

Amy said...

found your blog through a blog of a blog! haha! I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to catching up:)

Tamara said...

I've gained close to 10 lbs during the past few months of marathon training (EAT ALL THE THINGS!) I knew I would probably because I still hate to see the scale jump up at me...So I feel your pain. I have to say I'm excited to be a marathoner, but I'm also excited to be done with training so I can get back into some of my pants comfortably.

I found focusing on the muscles I was gaining helped me some - like, my quads are crazy stronger (where I can feel muscles in them!) and of course, my calves are crazy defined with all the running. So while, I'm not too keep on my midsection right now I am digging my legs. So, maybe try to focus on something you love about yourself for the time being to distract yourself from the devil scale.


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