Monday, February 10, 2014

My blind dates

So I went on a couple blind dates this weekend...

with books!

The Lawrence Public Library does this neat program around Valentine's Day where you can pick books based on these short descriptions. I LOVE this idea! I tend to get in ruts where I read lots of the same thing -- mostly young adult contemporary and fantasy fiction, and mostly books written with a female audience in mind. So I was super excited to get a new "date" outside of what I'd typically pick!

The first one, recommended by Jeni, was described as "Feminist, Hilarious, and Brash." I started it Friday, and having only read the preface and the first chapter, it's already proved to be all those things! (And maybe a little bit more crass than I expected...)

It turned out to be How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran!

I haven't started the second one yet, but it was picked by Sean and includes "Revenge, Class Warfare and Teleportation."

This one is The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester!

I've not included descriptions so, if you want, you can have a blind date with these books too! We'll both go in knowing very little about these books and see what we think!

Since posting on Twitter about my blind dates, I've heard from friends + family that their libraries have this program too! Isn't this so neat?

Would you ever go on a blind date with a book? I'm excited to keep reading these two!


Breenah A said...

I'm pretty sure none of the libraries here do this, but they should. I love this idea.

Kristen said...

That is such a cute idea - I love it!

Kate said...

I've always wanted to do this at my library, but I'm kinda scared! At a public school library (particularly in the south), you have to be super careful about what kind of books go home with certain kids. I'd end up spending ALL of my time trying to make sure none of the books had any bad language or sex scenes or anti-religious thoughts.

Maybe one day though!

Tamara said...

I've never heard of blind dating books - and I'm in love with it! If I can find the first book you mentioned I'll definitely double date it with you. Sounds/looks interesting!

Amy said...

uh that is SUCH a cool idea from the library! seriously - adorable!
and that first book looks amazing - checking it out on goodreads now!

Amy said...

uh that is SUCH a cool idea from the library! seriously - adorable!
and that first book looks amazing - checking it out on goodreads now!

Anonymous said...

The base library does this too! I haven't picked one out yet, but I keep meaning to!

The Lady Okie said...

There have been a few books I"ve read that I went into knowing absolutely nothing about. Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden" was one, "The Book Thief," and "The Hunger Games" (because I read it 2 years before it was cool). It's definitely an experience to read something you know NOTHING about. In the case of those three books, it ended up being a good thing, and I really enjoyed all of them. I'm actually kind of annoyed that "The Book Thief" is mainstream now and everyone knows who the narrator is. I think you lose something by going into it knowing that, but that's a post for another day. Anyway, very cool idea!


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