Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Training Tuesday [1.28.14]

It feels like I've been gone from this space for a while!

Sorry about that.

And I'm sorry I'm reverting into the pattern of books-and-running-posts-only. I promise I will do my best to post other things but guys. If you saw my schedule right now...

Luckily, it will calm down a bit after Valentine's day. (Our Career Fair is the day before, hence the business.)

But I will do my best even in the meantime to be here, now and then at least.

On to training! I had a pretty good week! I needed it, too.

That first two there is intervals. They are ALWAYS my favorite. (I warm up for five minutes, then do one minute fast, two minutes slow, and repeat till I've done 6 fasts, then cool down. Goes so quickly!)

I was supposed to put in three miles Friday, but a new friend invited me to a free Zumba class, and you all know I love Zumba, so I couldn't say no. Plus, new friend! Yay!

10 miles was easier than I could have hoped. I had to walk a bit on an uphill when my knee was being funky, but once I was running flat again it was fine, and it pushed through the next uphill with no major issues.

Then two today was a deal I struck with myself. I've been a wimp and training inside and I know it's going to be frigid the morning of my next race, so I told myself I didn't have to do that many miles outside if I just ran outside. In the end, I definitely could have done more, but homework was a callin' my name, so I ended there.

I'm less than two weeks from my next half and it's funny how the prospect of training for a full has changed my perspective. I'm sure I will get nervous and excited, but it's kind of calming that in my head, it's not only a race but just another training run for my full marathon. I can push through my training runs, almost always, because I know it's building to bigger and more challenging things. So I'm feeling pretty zen about this upcoming half.

Except for the weather thing. It's sure to be freezing at 7:30 am in February.

I'm sure I'll keep you updated!

Is the cold affecting your workouts? What else in your life is altered by the cold? I know it changes what I'm in the mood to eat rather drastically!


Tamara said...

I have the hardest time getting out in the cold to train. I think I'd much rather be in the heat...Texas blood I guess.

I can totally relate to not being so worried about "smaller" distances when there is a full on the horizon! It's less pressure to compete with yourself and more of a I just got to get it done approach.

Amy said...

10 freaking miles and "wasn't as bad" DANG GIRL...you're a beast!!!

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

I say it's your blog talk about whatever you want to!!

Way to go on getting out there. I think after doing it a few times it becomes easier mentally to get out, so I agree good practice for the race!


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