Monday, October 14, 2013

For the Kids

Hi friends!

Last week, I posted about my job and why I love it.

Today, I wanted to share with you an awesome opportunity I've had this semester.

Dance Marathon is an organization/event that takes place at universities across the country. KU Dance Marathon strives to provide emotional and financial support to the children, and their families, of KU Pediatrics, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. KUDM hosts fundraising events throughout the year. These efforts culminate each November, when more than 500 KU students unite to stand on their feet for 12 hours at Dance Marathon.We stand because we can, for kids who can’t.

I joined KUDM as an adviser this year and have been so impressed, so inspired and so amazed by the dedication of the students in this organization!

Talking with one of the Dancers about the miracle children they've met is like talking to a mother about her children. Many of them have been involved in KUDM since they started at KU, and it has changed them. Knowing these children has given them each an incredible heart for serving others and extraordinary passion and dedication. You can see it in the way they talk with each other, in their every action, and in the spark in their eye when they're working on KUDM.

As I talked about last week, I am studying to work in colleges and universities, helping students grow, change and become the best versions of themselves they can.

I am fundraising and will be standing for the kids so that each of them can have the opportunity to reach this incredible period in their lives -- so they have the chance to grow up, to make awesome choices and terrible choices and explore the world and figure out how they fit in it. I'm fundraising for the kids and standing for the kids so they can have all the opportunities I've had and all the opportunities I haven't.

I know there are a million good causes out there, and I know everyone's finances are tight right now, but I hope you will consider supporting my participation in the KU Dance Marathon 2013 event. All contributions will benefit my local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.

If each of my Google followers donated just $1, I'd meet my fundraising goal. If you can spare even just a dollar, I hope you will.
You can find my personal fundraising page here or by clicking the new badge on the side of my page. If you're local, consider becoming a dancer yourself! The event / celebration is November 9 here on the KU campus, and we will be standing and dancing for the kids from 10-10! It's guaranteed to be a great time.

Thank you all for reading!

For the Kids,

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Susannah said...

That sounds like an awesome organization. What a blessing that you get to be a part of it!


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