Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Dr. Bob Run, take two

Hey friends!

So it's already been a month since I ran this race, but I really wanted to post about it, so here I am.

First of all, a recap: I ran the Dr. Bob Run in 2012 as my second race/second 5k ever and it kicked my ass. I ran it with the bf, Pat, and was so so disappointed in myself -- because he'd done no training at all and could have been faster than me and because it was so difficult for me -- I was breathing really hard and had to stop and walk a few times, which I hadn't done in my first 5k.

To be fair, the course is super tough. The Dr. Bob Run is held at Rim Rock Farm, which is where KU's cross country team trains and competes. Loose dirt and grass trails, big hills -- but GORGEOUS scenery.

Anyway. This year.

This year the race was just a week after my second half marathon. The weather was PERFECT and I felt pretty good going into it -- wasn't really sore anymore and was excited to run a shorter race. Pat ran again with me this year, but now I've run enough races with others that I wasn't really nervous about running with him.

I brought my phone on the course but didn't listen to music -- I just used it to keep track of the distance. Me and Pat kept a great pace for the first few miles and then split up with just about a mile left.

I finished up solo and was SO HAPPY with my race overall. I had a 10:23 pace throughout, which is good for me anyway, but crazy good when you add in all the hills.

I finished in 32:15, a full FOUR MINUTES better than my time on the course last year. Huzzah! Pat beat his time from last year by a few minutes as well, but I didn't write down his times, just mine. :)

Finishing the race that much faster than the year before and having a great race after such a difficult one the week before was seriously the best feeling! I am no longer enemies with the Dr. Bob Run. :)

What's one of your shining moments of work-out or running victory? I'd love to hear!


Kate said...

Loving the new design! Also, yay for demolishing your time from last year! Hills really are a beast.

Isn't it weird to sit back and say, "I was glad to run a shorter race" and... it's a 5K. I can remember when running a 5K seemed so impossible!
Love it.

jaime said...

Great job on the race! What a great pace!!

Tristan Schlegel said...

I have two days off for fall break and finally got a chance to read a few blogs! I've been 100% MIA lately with taking pictures and teaching. And then I come over here to see what you're doing and here you are still running races and have a whole new blog design! I hope to get a grip on life real quick to come back to blog land! :)

The Lady Okie said...

Woooo! Way to be awesome.

Kristen said...

Way to go!!! :)

Tamara said...

I remember you being disappointed in this run from last year! Dude, we've been blog friends for over a year!

So glad this year went better than last - and 4 minutes? holy hell that's one heck of a course PR. Proud of you girl!

Holly said...

CONGRATS!! That's a great time and it's even better that you beat your time from last year!! I'm doing a 5K in April that I hope to beat my time from the past 2 years of doing it :)

Holly said...

Also, LOVE the new blog design!


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