Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lead with your strengths

Have you guys ever heard of StrengthsQuest?

Basically, it's a personality test based on positive psychology that tells you your talent themes -- things that you're good at, that could be developed into a strength if you work on them.

I'm studying Higher Education Administration, and in my field, Strengths are HUGE. Everyone knows their strengths, and people talk about them regularly.

I buy into StrengthsQuest about as much as I buy into any personality test: it's fun to take, fun to hear things about yourself, but a lot of them tell me the same things.

Except. I took Strengths for the first time shortly after starting in Higher Education, and my results gave me the language to describe why I love what I do.

See, I'm a Developer. According to Strengths, I see the potential in others -- and sometimes that's all I see. My goal is to help others succeed. I look for ways to challenge them and am fueled by signs of growth. I love working with students who are unsure or nervous and helping them leave confident and excited. I love helping students see their own potential and believe in that potential.

I get to do so many fun things in my job. I've helped students prepare for the career fair by coaching them on interviewing skills, writing stellar resumes, and helping them calm the frick down going into the fair...

I've planned retreats that include some silly things,

but also help students grow into leadership roles, learn to communicate better, and become confident in their abilities...

and I've helped students who came out of their first semesters with low GPAs see how they got there and how they can get out.

Day in and day out, I'm meeting with students and helping them see how awesome they already are. And then I get to help them find small ways to become even more awesome.

And it's pretty cool.

Why do you love what you do?

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The Lady Okie said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE STRENGTHS FINDER! We had to take this test in college, and it was awesome. The school kind of structured things around what your strengths were, and it was pretty cool. I have nerdy ones. Achiever, Strategic, and I have Connectedness. I can't remember the other two right now.


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