Friday, September 5, 2014

Book review: A War to Believe In

A War to Believe In by Jenna Thomas

A War to Believe In is the sequel to Peace in a Raging Storm. As such, this review may have some spoilers for the first book.

Life wasn't life without the painstaking realization that you didn't belong in everyone else's idea of reality. But Jade was in it. Everyone had a place for her. Everyone had a purpose for her. And Jade was only ever told where she fit in it. Their reality. His reality. Her Sequesfia's reality. Her guardian's reality. Her father's. A graveyard of war pursuits that refused to rest at their markers. But Jade only kneeled at one. Would she find a war to believe in? Or would she take no war at all?

If you’ve been around a while, you may remember my friend Jenna wrote and published a book a while back. Well, the sequel is finally out!

The first book, Peace in a Raging Storm, tells the story of Jade discovering that humans as she knows them are not the only intelligent species on earth. There are several other species blending in with humans, only they have insane magic and powers. There are some humans who are fighting to end the other species and some humans who are fighting to protect them. At the end of the first book, Jade realizes members of her family are on both sides of the war, and some are even responsible for countless deaths.

In A War to Believe In, Jade continues to struggle with these realizations, but more and more gets dumped on her. I liked the first book, but I really liked the sequel -- as Jade (and the reader) get more comfortable with this new world, you come to care for the characters a lot more. You can start to think of the deeper consequences of the war -- for Jade and for each species. And the book goes deeper and deeper into what this life means for Jade.

I think a lot of times the second novel in a trilogy (I think this is going to be a trilogy?) feels like a filler -- just to get you from book one to where the characters need to be for book three. This is not true for A War to Believe In. The whole book is full of action and constantly surprising. I gave it four stars.

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