Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday weekend!

Hi friends!

I turned 25 last weekend! Wooooo! I'm old! I decided to visit home over my birthday, and had a great weekend!

Saturday morning I ran a 10k. I wasn't going for a PR as I'd just done a long run the day before for marathon training, but I made it in 1:04:02 , which is only about a minute and a half slower than my PR for this distance. So I'll take it!
(In other running news, the fact that I was able to run this so fast-for-me makes me think I'm doing something wrong with my long runs -- walking too much or taking it too easy. Going to work on eating more so maybe I'll have more energy to run them better. Any tips from seasoned pros?)
Later that day I saw Divergent with my bff from high school, Meleah, and her bro and husband and my sister and her bf. Got all that? I was a dummy and didn't take any pics with Anna, my sister, but Meleah's husband took a bunch of pictures of me and Meleah when we weren't ready yet. (14 in all!) I think they show our relationship pretty well!

I told Meleah I have more pictures with her than any of my friends because she always remembers to take a picture! Unfortunately, all the recent ones pretty much look just like this -- haha. Very posed and on purpose. So I kind of love the extra ones Ricardo took!
At home, my mom made me a cake! Anna decorated it. Isn't it lovely? (The candles are in an A shape.)
Other highlights from the weekend include spending time with this little furry face and my other pets and getting to see one of my bffs from college, Layne, and her girlfriend for lunch. :) It made for a couple really happy days!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Instagram and Twitter! They made me smile all day long :)


Kate said...

Yay! I love those pictures of you and Meleah. So, so cute! And yay for an almost PR! That's saying something when you did a long run the day before!

Yay birthdays! It's funny because even though I KNOW you're younger than me, I always just assume every blogger is the same age as me. Hope you enjoyed your birthday and every last bite of that delicious looking cake. :P
(Side note: I first put "bight" instead of "bite". Um, what?)

Marley Marie said...

Oh my goodness! I need a cute pup to cuddle with!! How was Divergent? I've been dying to see it!

The Lady Okie said...

Happy belated birthday! I love birthdays. And awesome race! I always love your beaming smile in post race pics :)

Cassy said...

Happy birthday Abbey! Sounds like a great weekend.

Tamara said...

I think those pictures of you & Meleah are hilariously adorable. I'm always a fan of the non-posed pictures - I think they really show our actual personalities.

And yay for your race! You genuinely look happy about it (and you should! Great time!)

I wish I could help you with your running question - but I've been in the same predicament myself. My last 10k I had a faster average pace than my last couple of 5ks - and even my half marathons are about the same pace as both of those distances, so I feel like maybe I'm not pushing or going hard enough? But at the same time, I'm not terribly worried about being faster - I run because I like it not because I'm necessarily "good" at it. You know?

Holly said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!! Seeing your bff is always a fun thing, and those pictures are great to have :)


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