Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Training Tuesday [12.31.13]

Hey friends! Stopping in again today for a quick Training Tuesday, as promised.
Kind of funny in graph form! I'll probably play with the format for next time. :) I've been very lucky this week that the weather has been WONDERFUL and I've been able to run outside. In December. In southwest Missouri. Hallelujah.

Wednesday, 25th -- Rest day. Christmas!
Thursday, 26th -- These 3 miles are a trick. It was actually 2.61 miles in intervals. Which I always love.
Friday, 27th -- Three miles. I was fast! Felt great.
Saturday, 28th -- Six miles. I was not feeling prepared, but mistakenly thought it was only 5 weeks out to my next half -- really it was 6 weeks. But still, it was the motivation I needed to get out there and I did great!
Sunday, 29th -- Rest day
Monday, 30th -- Took a second rest day. Had a weird headache-y gross feeling
Tuesday, 31st -- Three miles. Got really hard near the end -- I had to stop when my hair fell out of its braid and then it was hard to restart, but it was really nice outside, so totally worth it in the end!

Overall, it's been a good week of training! Getting my confidence back after that accidental two weeks I took off. Amazing how quickly I get nervous again.

Also, it's about this time last year that I was training to run a 10k and ran 6 miles for the first time. Apparently, I'm just a winter runner.

Hope you all are having a fantastic New Year's Eve! As I write this (around 3 pm...) we're still trying to figure out plans. I'm sure I'll keep you posted!


Amanda said...

Are you signed up for Daily Mile? You should be! You can get all the running graphs you could ever want!

Amanda said...

Oh, also, keep it up. You are awesome :)

KSCoffeeGirl said...

You are awesome! 6 miles when you didn't have to is pretty BA!


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