Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm still mostly here.

Hello friends.

I had a big, "I'm still here" post planned for the beginning of this week, but then I landed on the struggle bus and have been trying to hold things together -- final papers and projects and everyday work tasks have grown infinitely more difficult in the midst of the tragic loss of a friend.
Anthony, Brenna, Gianfranco and me -- part of a photo scavenger hunt in RA training in 2009
Gianfranco and I have known each other for about four years. This picture was taken when we'd known each other maybe a week. He was a genuine, kind, warm and funny friend -- the type who always thought of others before himself. He has most certainly been there as I cried and any time I needed him and was there for so many of my best memories of college. He has touched many lives. He'll be so very missed, and I will be very sad to never yell "Gianfranco!" again as I always did when he walked into a room.

I know, though, that this space is a huge source of comfort and stress relief and friendship, so I'm looking forward to posting more regularly again.

So, with little ado, I'll be returning in full force tomorrow with a post about Dance Marathon I wrote before anything happened with Gianfranco. I hope you'll forgive my long absence, and hope you'll join me again as I attempt to balance all things and manage to post on this blog.

Hug your loved ones, friends. Life is too short.


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