Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anna's first Late Night

Hello friends!

A couple weekends ago my little sister came up to visit me and Pat!

We (after much turmoil) got in to see Late Night in the Phog, a big Kansas Basketball tradition.

Then, in the morning, we went to a breakfast tailgate and then to the football game!
KU played amazingly through the first quarter...

...and then played like KU the rest of the game. :)

Then that night, we played cards with Pat's dad and friends, who were also in town for Late Night.

I think it's fair to say Anna is as much of a Jayhawk as one can be before actually attending KU.

Rock Chalk!


Katrin said...

Glad you had such a great time together!

Kate said...

I loved my college, but the one thing I regret is not going to one with fun traditions like that! You and your sister are just flat out adorable. Love it.
Also, I got really excited a few days ago because I saw a car with TN tags that had a Jayhawk sticker. I knew very little about KU, but I feel like I'm becoming a Jayhawk just by association. :P

Also, I clicked on the link to read about the turmoil, and I loved that one of your basketball players is Andrew Wiggins. If we could just take the s off his last name, he could be a sci-fi superhero. (Let's pretend that didn't actually make me as excited as it really did. Iiiiiii'm a nerd.)

srrraah said...

Looks like you had a great time! Spending time with sisters is a lot of fun. :)

Katie said...

Ah! So much fun! When I wasn't living at home, having people visit was like the best thing ever. So great!


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