Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The best dogs to follow on Instagram

Yup, you read that title right.

I will admit: about half of my Instagram feed at any given moment is pictures of dogs. I counted once, and I followed 32 animal accounts -- mostly dogs, a couple cats, a bird and a hedgehog. I've followed a few more dogs since then.

If it didn't make me so happy, I might be concerned I had a problem.

At any rate, here are my top five dog accounts to follow on Instagram:


Leroy is maybe my favorite dog on Instagram. He is scruffy and adorable and exactly the kind of dog I would love to have.


I LOVE NORM. Norm is the handsome pug pictured here, but his Instagram is named after his human. His human posts the cutest and most creative pictures of Norm. Love, love, love.


The Dogist is like Humans of New York, but about dogs. Kind of a street-photographer, the person behind The Dogist takes pictures of all kinds of dogs all over the place.


Tuna is actually fairly famous for his memes. But I love following this little critter, and his human writes fun captions that really show his personality. She calls him a toodlebrain, which I think increased my affection for him 100%


I think Manny was the first dog account I found. His "siblings" also have accounts -- I don't know how their human manages to post so many pictures, but I love this little dog family!

Plus one bonus account:

This one is a favorite but also isn't. Susie's Senior Dogs posts information on older dogs across the country who need to be adopted. (Older dogs are super hard to get people to adopt.) The dogs are all so sweet, so it's heartbreaking. But it's a good one to follow just in case a dog pops up in your area.

So. If you want to be a crazy person like me and follow a bunch of dogs on Instagram, there are my highest recommendations. They all make me smile on a regular basis. Definitely a good life decision.


Amy said...

squeeze them! so cute!

Kate said...

Michael rolls his eyes a lot because about half of the accounts I follow on Twitter are dog/animal related. There are days when he has to say, "Kate, as much as I love seeing all the cute little doggies. PLEASE STOP for the night."

You better believe I'm going to start following all of these...
You should search for "rafaelmantesso" His bull terrier is one of my FAVORITES.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This just makes my life!

Cassy said...

Totally followed some of these just now. Thanks! Also, check out DigbyVanWinkle. Soooo cute!!

Tamara said...

I follow all sorts of animals on instagram. I find I like more of their photos than people I probably actually really know. ha! It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

Shauna said...

Hahah I love animal instagrams too!! That's for this list, I added a few more!!


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