Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life lately [brain + photo dump]

Hello loves!

I keep telling myself I'll keep up with blogging better once my comprehensive exam is done, once classes are done, once I graduate... but the fact is, life is BUSY. I finished my comprehensive exam over FOUR weeks ago, and classes ended Monday...

So, I hope you'll just be happy to see me when I'm here and not miss me too much when I'm gone. Like your favorite flaky friend who is oh-so-hard to make plans with but whom you love dearly. :)

Here's a glimpse at my life lately. (that is, the part of my life that wasn't work + papers + presentations + job applications...)

I attempted for a while to walk or run a mile a day in May. That fell apart pretty quickly (#postmarathonslump), but I did manage to convince Pat to take a walk with me on campus one evening!

He took this sneaky picture of me while I was taking the first picture. (#bloggerproblems)
I celebrated my last Capstone class on a patio with my lovely friend Ashley.
 I ran a 5k that was 19 seconds away from my best time ever. (I'll take it!)
My wonderful friend Sam visited, and we went disc golfing! (aka the boys golfed and I walked around and talked at them :)

 This is what a disc-golf walk ends up looking like:

And finally, I had my last college class this Monday. These lovely ladies and I started together and now we're finishing together. (also, you can see in this picture that I chopped my hair off :)

Upcoming in my life: Me and Pat are both graduating this weekend!! Which means -- The Meeting Of The Families. My little sister, Anna, has met Pat's dad and aunt, but they're the only ones who have met. So my parents will be meeting his dad and aunt and everyone will be meeting Pat's sister. It should be exciting!

We also each have three ceremonies!! Luckily, two of them overlap for both of us. Pat and I will each miss one of the others' ceremonies (does that make sense? his business ceremony is at the same time as my hooding ceremony. booo).

And we're also having a graduation party Saturday! SO MANY THINGS.

And then next week, we're taking offffff on a trip to Oregon and Washington. I'm SO excited. We're going to hike Mt. St. Helens, meet Shauna and Tim and see my friend Jacque and do lots of cool things.

I am not sure when I'll be posting again. :( If you want to keep up with me, I'll be on Twitter and Instagram -- find me there!!!

Lots of love,


Shauna said...

8 days lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet you and Pat!!

Congrats on graduation! Hope you have a great weekend!!

jaime said...

CUTE haircut! And the ceremony thing is totally understandable. My husband got his Master's in December, and his ceremony was a Friday night - there were SO many ceremonies that weekend! Congrats to you and Pat on your graduations!!!

Kate said...

Let's be honest. I always miss you terribly when you're gone, but it makes me that much more excited when I see a new post pop up. :)

And I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! The last semester of grad school had my head spinning, so I know just how excited you must be to have it over! Congratulations to both you AND Pat.
It's also super exciting about the families all meeting! My family hasn't met Michael's yet, and I have a hard time imagining it will until we ever tie the knot. :P

The Lady Okie said...

Can I ditto everything Kate said? I do miss you, but just don't go away forever! Also, from what I can see of your hair, looks Cuuuuute. Finally, happy graduation!

Anonymous said...

I love the haircut! And congrats on graduating!

Tristan Schlegel said...

Ummmm...take a trip through Nebraska mayyybbeeee??

Katrin said...

Congratulations! And I really love your new haircut!

Holly said...

Busy busy busy!!! But so many awesome things :-D CONGRATS on graduating!!!! LOVE the hair!!!! Have a great trip :-D

After Eleven Blog said...

those flowers! wowsa! One of the only parts of spring and summer I enjoy. haha. by the way, i'm glad I stumbled across your blog today :) excited to be following along!


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