Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A (modified) Couch to 5k plan -- How I started to run

Hey friends!

Today I thought I'd quickly share the training plan I used when I first started running.

One thing I really loved about this plan was that it's based on times, not distances. Many running training plans are distance based. As in, run 1.5 miles Monday, 2 miles Wednesday, etc. I thought that was so intimidating! When I started, running two minutes straight was a challenge. There was no way I was going out and running half a mile on my first try.

Also, at the time, I didn't have a smart phone with apps to easily measure distance, but I did have a phone with a stop watch. So a time-based training plan was perfect for me.

Week One
Run two minutes, then walk one. Do four cycles.

Week Two
Run four minutes, walk two. Do four cycles.

Week Three
Run eight minutes, walk two. Do four cycles.

Week Four
Run ten minutes, walk one. Do three cycles.

Week Five
Run fourteen minutes, walk two. Run sixteen minutes, walk two. Run fourteen minutes.
*This was the scariest week for me, but I did it! If you can only do 14 on the middle run, that's ok too.

Week Six
Run seventeen minutes, walk two, run seventeen.
*This week they also asked that we start practicing a finish-line push: for the last 30 seconds of each run, see if you can up your pace!

Week Seven
Run seventeen minutes, walk one only if you have to, run seventeen minutes

Week Eight
Run 34 minutes or a 5k!!

I also made this picture version that should be pinnable/printable/shareable!

A couple more things about this plan:

Every week was scary. Each week I was terrified of the new number I had to run -- whether it was four minutes or 17. But I was able to complete each week's challenge. It wasn't always easy, but I did it. I bet you can too.

If you can't, though -- if you find that you're super struggling with a week, figure out what you can do. Can't do ten minutes yet? Repeat the week before. Or, try nine minutes.

Finally, we were advised to do a five-minute warm-up "brisk walk" and to run three or four times a week on this plan. I think I mostly did three times a week. See what you can do, check out your energy levels, and go for it!

If you're trying this plan, please let me know! I'd love to hear about if/how it works for you!

Have any of you made running- or fitness-based goals for 2013? I'd love to hear about them!


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Kelsey Odorczyk said...

This is great! Running is always a challenge and this makes it seem so much easier. Also way to go on completing the 5k's!!!

Sara said...

Awesome. Totally printing this off! Thanks for sharing girl!

Holly said...

This is SO great, Abbey!! I loved the C25K, but it was very scary. I remember not being able to complete one of my 8-minute running weeks because I was so out of breath. And now I look back on that and am so impressed that I got through it. Any kind of running plan is fun to do!

Anonymous said...

Great advice! I've tried doing things like this before and you are right--each week when you start something new it's SO SCARY. This year I hope to actually stick with it (and not break bones, or take anymore scary Ph.D. exams lol).

Kaileigh said...

I would like to be able to run because you can do it anywhere, but I hate it!! Maybe I will try again in the spring....not now though, too cold!

Katie said...

I tried one of those plans once. But I sincerely hate running. So I totally bailed. :) haha.

Amy said...

Pinned it!
Great and EASY plan (without all the dang nonsense)!
I've got to get back on the horse with this one so maybe i'll use your plan!! :)

Melody Simpson said...

Love this post! So happy for you! I am planning on running my first 5k later in the year! Can't wait!

Amanda said...

I really like this! I tried the C25K plan last year and eventually I got too freaked out and was too in my head and I couldn't finish it. Maybe I'll give yours a try! I'm pinning it!

Kaitlin Sheran Benoit said...

Hey girl! My goal was to start running this year, I've always admired runners, and actually my visit with you guys for Thanksgiving really gave me the extra kick! I started (and completed) the first week of couch to 5k this week....I have an awesome ap through, and love it. It's only set up to run three times a week, so I'm gonna do the elliptical on other days. You go girl, you rock!


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