Monday, April 20, 2015

It's not me, it's you: Retail sizes and shopping

I've already posted about my wedding dress shopping experience, but there's another bit I wanted to mention.

In the runner-up dress -- the dress I aaaaaaaaallllmost bought, the second favorite dress, I was measured at THREE DIFFERENT SIZES.

If I remember correctly, my natural waist was a size 8, my boobs were a size 10 and my hips were a size 14? That might not be right. I don't remember anymore. But the point is that at three different spots on my body, I was measured at three different sizes that actually spanned four sizes because I skipped right over one size -- my hips got big game.

If I had gone with that dress, I would have had to buy it at the largest size and had everything else altered down. (this led to the panic spiral about buying a dress in a different state that needed serious alterations that ended up sending me to David's Bridal, where I bought my dress)

I definitely laughed it off -- the dress sizes were crazy all together. One dress style, a 6 would fit and another dress I was squeezing into a 10 so it was hard to take it seriously.

But it was a GREAT reminder that all clothes -- the super formal and the everyday wear -- are made with arbitrary "average" measurements.

When you can't find clothes in the store, the problem isn't your body -- the problem is the clothes. You are not wrong. Your body is not wrong. Those clothes are just wrong for you.

I started thinking this way after reading this post from thewannabeathlete.

It's not me, jeans that fit my waist but no where else -- it's you. It's not me, wedding dress that has three different sizes appropriate for my one body. It's you.

For sure it's you.

But maybe there is a body out there for you somewhere.

For another look at this, check out these buzzfeed stories! (I absolutely adore Kristin and her facial expressions.)

BTW, the picture has nothing to do with anything. It's just peaceful and pretty.

Hope you're all having a happy Monday!


Kate said...

Yes yes yes yes yes! I tried on a pair of shorts in an 8 yesterday that were too tight, yet I bought a pair of pants in a size 4! (I am NOT a 4.) Sizing is weird and stupid, and I hate it.

This is such a good reminder though - I'm not wrong, the clothes are.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Here's something else that sucks about sizes - I'm an American living in Australia. Our sizes are listed the same 0 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 and so on. BUT they don't fit the same. If I'm a 12 in America, I may be a 14 or 16 in Australia. So, I moved somewhere that the clothes make me feel even bigger!

Cassy said...

Yes, love this! Sizing is the WORST. I have been so over getting down about myself over a number on a tag that no one will ever see (except me) for a long time, but it's still so frustrating to have to try on 3-4 different sizes of the same article of clothing when I'm out shopping. I can never tell what's going to work just by looking. Love that Buzzfeed article, by the way!


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