Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy birthday, Mom!

Over last winter break, I spent some time going through our family recipes. I had just gotten a recipe book for Christmas, and wanted to make sure I got all our family's classics down -- the crumb cake we eat every Christmas, the cold Mexican dip that made me and Emily super popular with all the other camp counselors, and others that have led to many special memories.

My mom was so present in the overflowing box of recipes -- her handwriting on the recipe cards and the recipes she copied from friends, saved from newspapers or cream cheese packages, hoping to make someday -- did we ever make them?

Going through the recipes, I felt so much love for my wonderful mom -- my mom who had made all these recipes on so many occasions, working hard in the kitchen while the rest of us slept or lazed or fought. My mom who had created holiday traditions for us out of nothing, since we were so far from family and the traditions she had always known.

My mom who had purchased a million vegetarian cookbooks and saved a million veggie lasagna and veggie chilli and everything-veggie-recipes to try when I up and decided as a freshman in high school that I wasn't going to eat meat any more. My mom who patiently tried recipe after recipe that I turned down because I hadn't learned to like beans yet and because I am famously bad at trying new foods.

My mom who likes mushrooms and eggplant and has all but given up mushrooms and eggplant because she lives in a family that doesn't really like them.

I love my mom for these reasons and so many more. She is the most giving, self-sacrificing, amazing woman I know, and I'm so lucky to be her daughter.

Happy birthday, Mom. I hope it's wonderful!


Kate said...

Happy birthday, Abbey's mom!

I love everything about this. The way you talked about your mom made me sit back for a moment to really appreciate everything about my own mom and all those little things she's done to make my life what it is today. <3

Katrin said...

Happy birthday to your mom! She sounds wonderful!

Cassy said...

Awww, I just love her. Always have. She's wonderful! Everyone should be so lucky to have a Margaret in their lives! Happy birthday!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Abbey's mama! Sending hugs your way!


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