Sunday, August 10, 2014

Top ten things I've learned from my big sister

It is her birthday.

So, in honor of my sister being old, here's a top ten list of things I've learned from my older sister. Maaaaybe it's not reaaaally THE top ten. But it's a pretty good ten.

ONE. Sometimes when you're really mad at someone, it helps to hear someone else call them a lot of really bad names and cuss about them.

TWO. Most meals can be improved by a little bit of garlic or a lot of Parmesan cheese.

THREE. You should blow on your blush brush before you apply your blush so it doesn't come out streaky.

FOUR. If you're uncomfortable at a party, it feels better if you have something in your hand. Even if you're not drinking, hold a cup.

FIVE. I like sweet white wine.

SIX. Speaking of, bartenders know when you're drunk. Even if you don't know you're drunk. They know.

SEVEN. The University of Kansas is a wonderful place and the Kansas Jayhawks are the best team there is.

EIGHT. It's ok to root for the team everyone else is rooting against. Know your stuff so you can argue back and have fun with it.

NINE. Keep your arm strong when serving a volleyball. No bending at the wrist.

TEN. Adoption is the best way to find your pet soulmate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! Hope it's great!!

PS. I just thought of another really good one and I already forgot it but it's proof that there's more than ten...


Katrin said...

Happy happy birthday to Emily! You are so sweet!

Cassy said...

Such a sweet list. Happy (late) birthday to Emily!

emily01 said...

Hahaha I forgot about some of these. Thank you!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to Emily! She gave such sound advice. :)

I remember when I graduated from high school, my brother told me had had PLANNED to write me a letter with college advice. He's never been super protective, so just the fact that he THOUGHT about it meant a lot to me.
But I will never forget when he said, "I didn't get around to writing you that letter, but the one thing I want you to know.. Go to parties all you want, but people can be weird, especially boys. If you don't want to drink, don't drink. But if you want them to leave you alone, carry around a cup. No one actually cares what's IN that cup. They just want to see you participating and having a good time."
I never went to a party where I didn't think about his advice, and it always worked!

Sarah said...

Awww, I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever read! I love it. It also makes me really want a sister.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is so sweet! Happy birthday to her!


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