Monday, August 19, 2013

I had a good weekend!

Hey friends!

This weekend was really, really good to me. Below are some pictures of our adventures!

I think we spent 80% of the weekend outside! Saturday, I went for a 10 mile run, then we disc golfed, then we just hung out in the front yard goofing around. We threw a frisbee around, tried to hit trees across the street with walnuts, and tried to explain what Mike's Hard Lemonade is to my 98-year-old grandmother, who decided she'd like to try one. Not pictured: the campfire we had that night with marshmallows the size of my fist. Really.

A while back (a year and a half ago, approximately) I tried to convince Pat that going to a driving range would be a good activity (having never played any golf more substantial than putt putt). He did not believe me. But now, Anna, my little sister, is starting to play for her high school golf team and suddenly he thought going to a driving range was a good idea!

Not going to lie: I got scared right before we went because I knew I'd be awful and I didn't want pro golfers laughing at me. But! It was so chill. I was right that I was awful, but it was still a lot of fun.

When we were leaving, I snagged a couple chocolate bars and then immediately went into mourning when they melted instantly. But Pat found a way to fix it by shoving them in the air vent! Yay boyfriend!

And right before we left Missouri, we were able to visit my high school bff Meleah and her husband and their new puppy! We talked, played with the puppy, and played Yahtzee! (I beat Pat by almost 100!)

Other weekend fun not pictured: teaching my parents and Anna to play Dominion and then playing till 2 am Friday night and visiting with my college bff Layne who came to the campfire!

How was your weekend?


jaime said...

Fun weekend! And way to go Pat for thinking of the air vents! Totally saved the day (chocolate.)

Kate said...

My best friend came from a very golf-y family. She played through high school and was offered a scholarship. Her brother went to school for golf course management. Her dad worked at a driving range for years and years.

My mom BEGGED me to play. You'd think she wanted me to play so I'd have something else to do with my bff. (Just walking around the course with her was boring!) Or so I'd get a scholarship. But oh no no no.

She wanted me to learn to golf so I could meet a doctor or lawyer to marry. :P

Ech and Will said...

I never thought of putting chocolate in the air vent, I'm totally trying that next time! How did your grandmother like the Mike's?

Amy said...

a 10 mile run THEN all of that stuff...girl you are BEAST after a 10 mile run i probably would lay on the ground for hours hahaha

Cassy said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Great that the weather was so nice too.

Katrin said...

Looks like a great weekend! I would love to play golf too!

Tamara said...

Yay for a great weekend!

A good friend of mine in high school was on the golf team and she tried to get me to join. Uh, yeah, I'm terrible. I kept hacking at the ball or swinging like I was in softball, so the whole golf-team thing didn't pan out, but it is a lot of fun just to have something to do!

Also, you wore plaid which is a very golf-y thing to do, so you win anyway.

Holly said...

I love seeing pictures from good weekends :) I am HORRIBLE at golf!!


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