Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Odd Fellows 10k race recap + Training Tuesday

Hey friends! It's Tuesday again, and around here that means I talk about my training! If you're working toward any kind of healthy living goal, feel free to link up and share your progress. Go on, brag about yourself a little!

Workouts this week
Tuesday: I meant to wake up early and run before work and that did not happen. But I was so glad it didn't because the weather was gorgeous that night and there was a drumline in the park!!
Wednesday: I was supposed to run 3.5 miles or intervals and I really really REALLY didn't want to. So I talked myself into at least two miles. And then I ran the whole 3.5!
Thursday: Rest day -- tapering for my race
Friday: Rest day -- tapering
Saturday: Race day!! more below
Sunday: Rest day/I took a walk. To Subway :)
Monday: Instead of running three miles, I took a nap and ate lots of junk food. Oops? :)

Odd Fellows 10k

This weekend I ran my first ever 10k! If you've been around a while, you might remember that over the winter I trained for a 10k -- trained, but never ran one. I just used the training to stay motivated! So I was excited to finally find a 10k that worked with my schedule.

For a while I thought one of my coworkers would be running this one with me, but he backed out, so early Saturday morning I headed out to a small town about 20 minutes away for the race.

I'm growing to love small town races. This was my second small town race and while there are some disadvantages (neither had chip timing and this one didn't have race bibs), they've both been really fun and friendly. This one even served breakfast after! (typical fruit and water, but also pancakes and sausage).

There was a 5k and a 10k at the race this weekend and as we all lined up, I got worried I wouldn't be able to tell where the course split off and that I'd get mixed up or on the wrong path. Thankfully, that wasn't an issue. The course was marked with arrow signs, but there were also volunteers at every turn making sure you were on track. At around two miles, the 5k-ers turned around and the 10k-ers kept on going. I picked a woman running about my pace who was wearing a bright neon yellow shirt and made it my goal to at least keep her in sight.

By this point, we were running in between corn fields and what I think were soybean fields? It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I was able to just enjoy the big blue sky and the country scenery and the light breeze. It was a super pretty race. I wish my phone hadn't been all wrapped up in my armband so I could have taken pictures!

Earlier, when I signed in I saw that there were only two of us registered in my age group for the 10k. Since I knew they were giving awards for top three in each age group, I had hope I'd get an award -- but there were day-of registrations, too, so I tried not to have too high of expectations. Besides, getting an award for second out of two isn't super exciting unless you don't tell people it's out of two. :)

I also had seen one of my coworkers floating around -- I wasn't absolutely sure it was her since I waved and she didn't wave back, but I thought it was her.

Well, turns out she was running the 10k too and she ran juuust ahead of me for most of the race. Around 4.5 miles, I passed her while she was walking, but then within the mile she passed me again. I passed her again within half a mile and stayed ahead for the rest of the race!

My goal going into this race was to be in the 1:05 range, which would have meant about a 10:30 mile pace.

I finished in 1:02.41, a 10:05ish pace, solidly ahead of my time goal, getting my best ever 10k time (counting all the times I've run a 10k in training) AND winning 1st in my age group!

Okay, so it was first out of two. BUT. She was ahead of me most of the race and with all those other personal victories in there, I think it was definitely a big win! It also made me feel really good about how my training has been going this summer -- yeah, I've struggled a lot, but given the right conditions and motivation, I can still bust out an awesome run! which means I've been doing something right.

Are you guys working on any healthy living goals right now? How's it going?


Kate said...

CONGRATS! I was so excited for you when I saw your tweet about getting first! That's so awesome! You've been busting your tail, and that's such a great reward for it! (how many exclamation points can I put in one comment?! Yay!)

I'm just so excited for you. :)

I once placed second out of 2. I try not to mention that there were only 2 of us.. :P

jaime said...

Congrats on the first place in your age group! I've run small town races, but they have still always been big enough that I never place in my age group!

My goals right now are to "train" for a half marathon, but not actually sign up for a race at the moment. I'm still not motivated, but I needed a plan, so plan it is!

Amanda said...

You're so cute! That is suuuper exciting to win! Huge congrats. Awesome time!

Katrin said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome! You really are an inspiration!

Holly said...

CONGRATS Abbey!!! Who cares if there were only 2 in your age group?! That's a GREAT accomplishment, especially because of your time!! So proud of you :)


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