Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bug roadkill + Training Tuesday

Hey friends! It's Tuesday again, and around here that means I talk about my training! If you're working toward any kind of healthy living goal, feel free to link up and share your progress. Go on, brag about yourself a little!

Sorry for the late-ish post friends! But better late than never? Right? ...

Workouts this week
Tuesday -- Rest
Wednesday -- Ran a quick interval run -- needed a fast work out!
Thursday -- Missed a run. Long day, long week. Oops.
Friday -- Rest
Saturday -- Ran 3 of the 5 miles I intended, then got dizzy and walked the 2 home. I know I was dehydrated -- I shoulda known better than to run when I'd not had any water since the night before. Whoops. No regrets about walking. Better than passing out on the side of the trail.
Sunday -- So you know how I was supposed to get out and try the 5 miles again? nuh-uh, didn't happen
Monday -- 2.5 easy-pace miles

So lots of rest days this week. Someday I'll have time to post about what I've been doing at my internship this week to fill you in on why, but not today. Rest assured that I am moving quite a bit. Has not been a sedentary week by any means!

A new running experience

So last night, I was running on the nature-y path I've discovered in my home-for-the-summer Decatur, and I was hit in the face.

With a butterfly.

I created butterfly road kill with my face.

(I don't actually know that the butterfly died. Just know that I hit him pretty good.)

I've gotta say, it was one of my weirdest running experiences so far. There were also tons of tiny gnats that kept getting stuck to my sweatyness (ewwww). But none quite so noticeable as that butterfly. (RIP)

What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you while working out? I'm not sure that was THE weirdest thing that's happened to me, but it was probably close.


jaime said...

Insects flying at me does not make me want to run. One summer, we had to dodge cicadas for a few weeks. They were gross.

It's a wonder I even run outside. I do not do bugs. Ever.

Kate said...

Poor butterfly!
I run around a lake, so there are always gnats EVERYWHERE.

And in the summer, it's really gross because there are willow flies (well, may flies. I think the term "willow fly" is a southern thing, but whatever) everrrrywhere. And you have to run through swarms of them. And they will just stick to your clothes and body. Haaaaaaaaaaaaate it.
They'll stick to the back of my shirt and don't it until I feel it flutter around. Ugh.

Ech and Will said...

A butterfly? Random! I hate those stupid gnats. I always want to put on a mask to avoid inhaling them.

Katrin said...

Hope the butterfly survived!

Amanda said...

I got chased by a weiner dog once. That was pretty weird. It was the only time I was not scared by a dog chasing me and barking.

Jordan said...

Haha how strange! RIP lol

Tamara said...

This is proof that butterflies are not the sweet, timid creatures we so foolishly believe.

These creatures are winged devils with a thirst for blood and sweat (which is why it attacked your face) we must warn others.

You are not alone.

(Well, I imagine you're not, I've never had a butterfly attack my face personally but I have run up on snakes before. YECH.)

Holly said...

Hahaha I've never had that happen with a butterfly, but I've definitely run into some gnats, which I hate!! Poor butterfly...he should have seen you coming!!

And don't sweat it (haha, pun intended) about missing a run or not going as far as you intended, or even WALKING part of it!! Think about where you were a year ago, or a few months ago. 3 miles felt like 300 miles, right? So how amazing is it that you can now say "Ehh I only ran 3 miles, it was no biggie" :) YOU ROCK, Abbey!!! Keep it up!!!


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