Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exhaustion: Training Tuesday

Hi friends!

It's Training Tuesday again! I'm using it to track my half marathon training, but if you have any goal you've been working on, feel free to join me and Tamara in the fun. We want to congratulate you!

Link up here and grab a button, if you want. :)

Workouts this week:
Tuesday: Recovery day from my eight miles
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Two miles inside
Friday: Cross! Went disc golfing with Pat and our roommate Jake
Saturday: Shoulda been 3.5 miles, but instead it was a nap
Sunday: Nine miles!
Monday: Recovery.

Pits of the week: 
Missing a run is always a bummer. And then I obsess about where to fit it in in the next week, but really, I don't need to be (and maybe shouldn't be) running five times a week, so I'm just going to have to let it go. I'm still in fine shape to get my overall goals. Still difficult to let it go.

Peaks of the week:
The weather has been gorgeous here! My long run was in almost-70-degree weather and Friday was a beautiful day for some disc golf. Gotta get used to running in heat again after all these 30-something-degree runs!

So as you can see from the title of this post, I. am. EXHAUSTED.

I caught a cold near the end of last week -- which is why I missed my run Saturday. I took a nap Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I came home from work early and took a nap because I'm just exhausted.

I can't blame it all on training, of course. Work is still super busy and I have three classes to also think about. I'm a full time student, almost a full time employee, and a full time runner. It can just be a lot.

My training plan has a couple weeks built into it that are recovery weeks. What that means is this week, my mid-week runs are just as long -- actually, the one on schedule for today is slightly longer than other mid-week runs have been -- but my weekend run is 4 miles. If I didn't take a recovery week, it'd be 10 miles.

Can I just say this is coming at exactly the right time?

My body is tired. I'm sick. And I just need a lighter week right now. I'm glad I put it on my schedule, even though at the time I had no idea how much I'd need it. Do you guys ever take a lighter week now and then?

Sorry for kind of lame topics this week and last, friends. I've got a million ideas in my head for Training Tuesday posts and just no time/energy to write them yet. Soon! Promise.

How is your training going? Do you ever take recovery weeks?


Jordan said...

It's ok to take a break! But I know how it can be when you get so used to a certain routine and then something causes you to get out of step. But if you were sick, you missed out on a run for a good reason! Got to let your body recover so it can be in tip top shape in the long run (pun intended). If you overwork yourself, you might do more damage which could cause even more missed runs!

Amanda said...

Congrats on your 8 and 9 miles runs! That's awesome! Gosh, I really like seeing you improve every week and keep pushing through colds and snow and treadmills and life and whatnot. Keep it up!!!!
And as far as taking a lighter week I have no idea! But I feel like my friends have been telling me to listen to my body and so if I needed a lighter week i would for sure take one.

Amy said...

9 MILES!! get it, seriously that is awesome!
Now question, do you run straight or do interval training? I'm just curious!
i hope you start feeling better and SCHEDULE some rest in there, like you did on saturday...we can definitely run ourselves into the ground.

also...i totally spaced about training tuesday. whoops. so i'll be linking up next week! I chalk that up to me being absolutely fuzzy in the head!

Tamara said...

It always feels like you have to keep going and going or you'll be behind, but that's hardly ever the case especially when you do get most of your runs in. (which you totes do!)

And it never fails, my taper weeks always came at the perfect time when my body just needed more rest.

Behind a badass is an exhausting job, right?

Katie said...

P.S. I totally tweaked my knee a few days ago (after getting into the BEST running grove I've had in years). Kinda disappointing. I'm not sure my body can take running right now. I'll have to start switching it up now! Dang!

Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections said...

I feel you about missing a run. I missed a few regular runs and maybe 2 long runs my first time training for a half.

It's disappointing, but it's not like it's going to mean that you can't run the half-marathon (if it's only a few you miss). Sounds like you definitely needed the rest with being sick and all.

Hope you feel better soon!

Holly said...

I hate missing a run, you saw that today on Twitter. I just get so down on myself and feel gross! This week especially, since last week was kickass for me. But you know what? We all need a break. We don't need to push ourselves to the limit because who is judging us that matters?! It's good to have these blogs to keep track of things, but if you miss a day, no one is going to be like "OH MY GOSH YOU MISSED A DAY NOW YOU CAN NEVER RUN THAT HALF MARATHON WHAT WERE YOU THINKINGGGGG?!?!?!" Because then that would be pretty darn stupid :-P

Take some rest and I hope you start to feel better soon!!!


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