Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's your goal? Training Tuesdays

Hi friends!

It's training Tuesday again. I'm using it to track my half marathon training, but if you have any goal you've been working on, feel free to join me and Tamara in the fun. We want to congratulate you!

Link up here and grab a button, if you want. :)

Workouts this week:
Tuesday: Another snow storm, another snow day. No run. :(
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Intervals! More in the "Peaks" section
Friday: 5 miles on the rec center track
Saturday: Hills practice outside. I don't think I'll do this particular work out again -- I did what my training guide suggested and it was less than two miles. Hardly seemed worth it.
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Was supposed to run, but life is hectic. Will reschedule to Wednesday or Thursday

Pits of the week: 
I'm so sick of running inside. I tried to run outside and I was good for about half a mile, then I found a snow mountain that covered the sidewalk. Meh.

I'm also discovering that sometimes a two-mile run is more difficult than a five-mile run. Which means it's a mental/emotional hurdle, which I think is maybe harder to overcome. 

Peaks of the week:
I did interval training for the first time! The guide I bought for my half has a day a week that's interval training. The ratios will change as I continue, but for now it was a five-minute warm up, then one minute fast (not a sprint, but a definite increase in pace), two minutes slower/average/recovery pace. I did that six times, then did a five-minute cool down run. It went by SO FAST. It was really fun, gave me something to think about as I ran inside yet again, and the fast parts made me feel really fast.

I've also seen people do this by sprinting on the chorus of songs and running the verses slower, which is a cool idea if you don't want to be staring at a timer the whole time. :)

Also, my five miles were quick and easy -- or at least more so than I expected for running inside. Woo! Six miles coming up this week. :)

An Idea.

I had an idea the other day. I want to do a giveaway based on working toward your fitness/healthy living goals. I'm thinking a gift card to Nike or something athletic/healthy at the end, and then maybe one to Dairy Queen or Victoria's Secret or something so you can treat yo' self.

Still working on the prizes.

But basically, I'd ask you to email me about your goals. I'll check in with you periodically and see how you're doing, and at the end, if you've reached your goals, you'll be entered to win the prize.

It'd provide accountability, since you know I'm gonna check in on you, and incentive, because who doesn't like winning things?


If you're interested, leave me a comment saying so! I'll shoot you an email to get started.

You don't have to post for Training Tuesdays to be in the contest. Just have to keep me updated. :)

But just like Training Tuesdays, I'm interested in any kind of fitness/health goals, not just running. So if you're a jazzercisor or a mile a day walker or just trying to eat more veggies...

Tell me--what's your health or fitness goal? And be sure to let me know if you want in! :)


Jordan said...

I love the idea! My goal is to stick to my healthy eating habits and to stay consistent with my workouts. I'm trying to transition into a yeast free diet so if I stick to my plan, I think it should all work out fine. :)

Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) said...

Love your idea of a giveaway and email updates! Way to have community!

I so feel you about running inside. It's killing me. I agree completely that 2 miles on the treadmill is like death where as 5 miles outside is better. I went outside today because it was "sunny" for here and not that windy. But it was still windy, and half my trail was snow covered. LAME! Can't wait for summer!

Kate said...

Ok, so I've always been interesting in trying the interval running. But I just can't figure out how. I mean, do you set a stop watch? Or just stare at your watch/phone/ipod/time keeper?

I feel like I'd end up tripping over my own feet if I was responsible for also paying attention to time!
It confuses me.

Tamara said...

Since I've upped my mileage I find the smaller miles harder to get into than my longer ones. I definitely think it's mental block. It can be really frustrating.

Yay for interval training! I've recently tried to do some of this too and it really is amazing at how fast it goes by. I used to be strictly dreadmill, but the more I run outside the more I hate running inside. Interval training has been a lifesaver these past few dreadmill runs.

I'm in for the giveaway. What's our timeline to meet our goals?

Amanda said...

I WANT IN. My goal righ tnow is to run a 5k (not a real one just 3.1 miles) by my birthday (may 18th) but I can change it/make a new one to fit the timeline for the giveaway :)
My friends have been helping me a lot with the whole mental block thing. I agree with you in an earlier post that running is a mental sport!

Tristan Schlegel said...

That stupid snow! That's the case here too and I'm hating it! Spring needs to hurry the heck up, because running with the sunrise is my favorite ever! I remembered to write a post today too!

Mallory Rempp said...

Hey Abbey - thanks for stoppin' by my blahg. ;) SUPER excited you're a Jayhawker as well. We're a rare, but awesome breed.

Amy said...

what an awesome giveaway idea! SERIOUSLY
also treat'yo'self...parks and rec for the win baby! :)
And i'm so proud of you for doing all of this training, i know how hard it is, but you're getting it done!


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