Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random about me stuffs

Hey friends!

It would be a sleepy Thursday around here -- it's the day after an OT win for KU basketball. It's raining (and nobody told me it was going to rain). And after I got ready this morning, I climbed back in bed with sleeping Patrick for juuuust a few minutes.

So it would be a sleepy Thursday if I hadn't put off all my work earlier in the week. Oops?

Anyway. I'm on my lunch break now. Tonight I'm driving into the KC area (there's so many towns packed into one area I have no idea where I'm actually going -- thank goodness for my GPS, Steve) to grab dinner with my wonderful friend Jenna. And then I'm going home and hopefully to bed early. We'll see.

So on a pretend lazy day, I'm going to be a halfway lazy blogger. :)

The wonderful Amanda at Happy. Asia. Girl. recently gave me the Liebster Blogging Award. I've gotten this award before but I don't always answer the questions. (I did once -- here!) If you gave me the award and I failed to thank you, I'll do it now. Thank you, friend! It means the world to me to have found so many kindred spirits through blogging, and I appreciate you all.

Ok, now on to the challenge. I'm supposed to answer Amanda's questions and list some random facts. Here goes:

Amanda's questions:

ONE. If you were a food what food would you be?
Probably pasta of some sort. Maybe mac and cheese. Because you are what you eat!

TWO. What is a secret goal that you have?
If you follow me on Pinterest you may have caught on to this one -- I want to stop being a lazy vegetarian. I want to stop assuming I'm getting all the right things and start educating myself. And I want to try new forms of veggie protein. More on this to come, I'm sure. :)

THREE. Tell us about your car (or public transit of choice)
My car is a 97 Honda Accord named Betsy. She's maroon, which is one of the most difficult colors because she does not stick out in a parking lot at all. I've had her since I was 16 and hope to keep her for a while still, although she's just over 205,000 miles now. I get anxious when people ask me how she's doing because something usually happens after I say she's fine.

FOUR. All time favorite vacation?
Oh gosh. Um. Well, I studied abroad. That was pretty neat. But otherwise, our trips to the beach were always the best. No crazy stories, I'm afraid. Just lots of happy memories of reading and naps on the beach and card games with cousins.

FIVE. Describe your perfect Saturday
Waking up early and walking to the beach for sunrise. Going for a run that leaves me feeling energetic and accomplished and alive. Cooking good food with Pat. Playing cards with friends. Staying up late with my parents and sisters (and pets!) talking. Climbing under the covers in our home to go to sleep.

SIX. Three words to sum you up
I can't choose.
(see what I did there? :)

SEVEN. Favorite member of your family (answer at your own risk)
Am I allowed to say Chewy?

EIGHT. Favorite quote?
Oh I have many. Of course. Here are two.
"It's all in the view... For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you'd better make every second count." -- Sarah Dessen in The Truth about Forever

"When by now and tree by leaf, she laughed his joy, she cried his grief." -- from my favorite e.e. cummings poem, Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

NINE. What would your friends say your catch phrase is?
Haha, I'm not sure. Maybe "oh gosh." I say that a lot, for good things and bad things and difficult questions. :) Edit: I just thought of my real answer. (although my first answer still stands) My friends would probably tell you I make a lot of noises. Mwerrs and mrowls and other gibberish. I even put them in blogs and emails and tweets. Just learn to love it, k?

TEN. speaking of catch phrase, which category do you rock at?
I always choose the Everything category. Because I think it gives everyone a fair chance and because I rock them all. :) (no, but seriously. I do)

ELEVEN. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Geez, Amanda! Hit me with a harder question, will ya? Truth is, I don't. I don't have a five-year plan. I'm still figuring everything out (hence the title of my blog). I'd like to be somewhere happy with Pat and able to visit my family often. Is that a good enough answer? :)

And here's some random facts:

ONE. Two nights ago, I said "There's nothing going on over there!" in my sleep.

TWO. I name things.  You may have picked that up from the mentions of Steve the GPS and Betsy the car in this post. Also named: Eva the phone, Stanley and Sylvia the plants, Maggie the other GPS, G the iPod. Eva was preceded by Simon and Alex. Probably more I'm not thinking of.

THREE. I always put my left shoe on first.

FOUR. I trade bathroom mirror shots of our clothes with Shauna. Like, when one of us wears colored pants or a fancy scarf. I've been meaning to take a picture today, actually...

FIVE. I have a heart rate monitor in my shopping bag at Amazon. I've gone through most of the order twice today but can't commit.

SIX. I have been craving Mexican food since the middle of December.

SEVEN. I can't think of any more. How many facts was I supposed to give?

I hope you all have enjoyed me talking about myself. :)

How is your Thursday going? Is it lazy where you are too?


Sara said...

I hope Betsy treats you well for as long as you need her. :-)

Dara said...

omg Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town is my favorite poem ever!

Tristan Schlegel said...

I name allll my things!

Cam the Camera and Regina Phalange the iphone! My car, computer, tv, everything has a name too. So much more fun than just calling them what they are. All the cool people do it. :)

Kate said...

How did I not know you studied abroad?!

-I have a grey 07 Accord.
-Looove e.e. cummings.
-I make a lot of gibberish noises too. But I'm worse about making really ugly faces when I talk. One kid even said, 'Quit giving me your.. weird look!" sigh.
-My iPod is Rufus. My external harddrive is Abner. An old roommate and I named her GPS Jesus Caesar. (Pronounced Hay-zoos Say-zar)
-I ALWAYS put my left shoe on first too!

Sometimes, I think we are twins, with different birthdays.. separated at birth.

Karina Marie Powell said...

Found your blog through another one!:) darling!

Katie said...

Loved reading this! And HOW am I not following you on Pinterest?!?!

Amy said...

we're twins.
I've been craving mexican food since november (why haven't i just eaten any yet?!?!)
I also name absolutely everything! :)
Loved reading this list, so much fun!
plus, i make noises all of the time, it's gotten so 'normal' that most people (including myself) don't even notice haha.

Amanda said...

I love random posts about bloggers! It's so much fun to learn those random nuances and tidbits about people through lists. Maybe I'll do one of these types of posts soon :)

Amanda said...

I loved your answers! Sorry I had to hit you a a few tough ones!
2.) I was a veggetarian for 2 and a half years! My mom and I did it together. I would still be a vegetarian but I knew it would be two difficult to stick to it here in Asia long term (I did it for two sumemrs here and it was rough) especially since like you said, it's hard to know what actually is vegetarian and what isn't!
6.) yes, I see what you did there ;)
7.) of course you can say Chewy!

2.) I name things too! Petunia the flute, Ramone the piccolo, Dog my old car!
6.) oh mexican food. that may be the first food I eat in june in America!
Thanks for answering my question and posting facts!!

Katrin said...

It was so great to learn more about you! I love that your car has a name! The name of my first car was Hermione!


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