Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three things on a Tuesday

I'm reading about gender identity development for class -- so, what makes men feel masculine and women feel feminine and what happens when what your body is doesn't match the gender you feel like and all that kind of stuff.

Anyway. So I asked Pat if he thought I was feminine. He said yes. I asked him why. I don't remember all his reasons because my mind got stuck on one in particular.

Pat says I'm feminine because I have a neat running jacket. :) Silly boy.

I went running in the cold yesterday and it was awesome for two reasons. A, because it was see-your-breath cold and I still went, and B, because I found a new, shorter route in my neighborhood for days when I don't have time for my full, longer route. Woo!

Ya'll know the expression "poor college student," right?


Well, let me tell you, it's not just undergrads. It extends to grad students for sure.

So when a rep from Campus Book Rentals contacted me about posting about their site in exchange for a discount on renting books... well. I had to take her up on it. What good is a blog if I can't exploit it? (kidding... kidding...)

I am sick of buying books. After the semester, it seems like there's always a new edition of the book out, and they don't buy my book back, and then I'm stuck with it forever.

Or they take it back and I get $1.50 for a $30 book. Yuck.

So. I'm going to try renting books. Or a book. Because there's one in particular I need that costs a whopping $108 if you can find it used, $144 if you have to get it new, and I'm never going to use it again after the semester.


Even though renting makes me nervous, so far, I'm relieved that Campus Book Rentals lets me choose my return date (+1 bonus points) and provides the shipping envelope for the return (+25 bonus points).

I'll for sure let you guys know how it goes.

Have any of you rented books before? Were you glad you did?

PS. I'm receiving a discount on renting books (or a fruit basket...? which is very tempting) for posting about Campus Book Rentals, but I promise, if it sucks hardcore, I'll tell you. All opinions expressed are mine.


Genna said...

I HATE buying books. I will never be able to get over that I could spend $100 and get $18 back. I've pretty much used rentals since my freshman year, but still!

Tamara said...

I am so feminine right now. Like definitely in Pat standards [wearing a running jacket as I type this!]

Yay for a shorter running route. You know you're getting addicted when instead of finding excuses you find other ways to get your fitness on.

Also, buying books sucks. I never rented but I would buy used and then sell on ebay. I normally made what I bought books for. I hope the renting works out and it doesn't suck hardcore.

Amy said...

HATED buying books when i was in school...seriously one time i spent almost a grand.

Shauna said...

I rented a book from Amazon when I took a class last year, it was fantastic! Took a couple days to get used to but then it was great! It was only $20 for the whole quarter, and if you ever need it in the future, all your notes and highlights will still be there!

Kristen said...

I was always able to rent at UCM or JCCC when I went there. It was definitely a nice option!

Breenah said...

I'm so going to ask Jarrod the feminine question when he gets home!

Katie said...

...I don't have a neat running jacket. ...does that mean I'm MASCULINE?? I'm going shopping stat.


Kate said...

Dude, I have a running jacket that I love because of the colors. But every time I wear it, people make comments about Virginia Tech. I didn't think about it being their colors.. and so I constantly have to say, "Umm.. no. I'm not a VA Tech fan.. I just really liked this jacket.." hahaha

Anonymous said...

I LOVE number 1. That's all.


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