Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY project: Art from a favorite quote

Hey friends! Today I thought I'd share a project I completed recently. I previewed it waaaay back forever ago here. And here's the (almost) final product!
Just gotta go back and fix that wonky R
This project was a combination of a couple inspiration pins. The lettering idea came from here:

                                                                      Source: thebabyblackbird.com via Abbey on Pinterest

And the style of painting came from here:

                                                                    Source: beautyandbeard.blogspot.com via Abbey on Pinterest

What you need:
Paint (I used four blues + a little white)
Foam brushes
Letter stickers (I got mine at Walmart -- their actual intended use is to put your license number on your boat)

What I did:
First, I cut out the letters using an exacto knife. Yes, it's tedious, but I wanted to lay them out without having them stuck, because I knew I would be crooked or off center or something. I used some of the white space to create an apostrophe. :)

Then I stuck the letters in place. Truth: I still had to move them around. But at this point it was mostly small adjustments, like fixing two letters that were too close together.

Approximately three weeks later, I got to painting. I followed the directions of my inspiration pin pretty closely -- and I'm sure she does a much better job of explaining the process -- but I will do my best here.

Here are the paints I used:
Purchased at Walmart for less than a dollar each. I definitely recommend the brand on the right over the brand on the left -- the FolkArt paint came out in globs and was much more difficult to work with for this particular project. I did, however, LOVE the colors. So, give and take I suppose.

To start, I made a base by swirling some of the lightest blue and some white paint.

I think I kind of sucked at the swirling, but it didn't matter much in the end how this first layer looked.

Next, I began making stripes. I'd made several before I realized I wasn't documenting this part well enough, so the photos I have are once several stripes have been made.

As you can see in the middle picture, you start with a line down your canvas. Then, just alternate brush strokes to the left and right. It's not meant to be perfect -- it's abstract! You can see my left-right action best in the stripe on the left in this photo:

That's basically it for the painting! Make as many stripes as you want till it looks good. I didn't wait for the paint to be dry to start the next stripe -- which gave it more of a blended look, I think. But you might try it both ways! See what works!

When the paint is dry-ish but still tacky, you can peel off the sticker letters. My peeling process went better than I expected, with only one problem with that pesky R. I used an X-acto knife to get under the letters. Easy peasy.

Every time I paint, I keep adding and adding till I'm afraid if I add one more thing I'll ruin it. It's nearly impossible for me to stop fiddling with the project. Anyone else have that problem? Even now I'm looking at the final picture, wanting to add some more light blue on the right. Hmmm...

Overall, though, I really love the way it turned out. I'm still figuring out where in our house will be it's permanent home. (Maybe ironic given the quote I used?)

Have any of you done a DIY recently? How'd it turn out?


Genna said...

I love it! I think it looks perfect like that, but it's your project so if you think it needs more light blue, then go for it!

Katie said...

That is so cute! Now I want to go out and get all the stuff to do it for our house! I feel like I've seen one with "it is well with my soul" and would LOVE that reminder where I could see it every day.

Shauna said...

That's so adorable!! The colors are awesome-sauce!

Amy said...

I think you did a great job with it, seriously!
LOVE the colors & the quote! I say keep it as-is. The thing with art is that since you're constantly changing, so is your art. Who you are when you painted that can differ from day to day emotionally...ok maybe i just took that to a deep place, but hey you get the idea...right? ha.

Kate said...

I am the QUEEN of taking my DIY projects one step too far.

I think this is AWESOME. I wouldn't do anything else to it at all! I looooooove the colors too.

Kim @ wanderlustee.com said...

I absolutely love this! I've kinda been on a Pinterest Christ,as craft craze lately so I'm thinking of how I can do something with this for Christmas.... Probably including glitter! Lol

raechelmary said...

Well look at you and your craftiness! I love that! I definitely need to do a project like this!

p.s I've tagged you in a post of mine! Here is the link to it:



Tamara said...

Super cute Abs! You should totally invest in a Cricut - I'm just saying the lettering would have been easy peasy cheesy cheesy.

[I'm such a poet!]

Amanda said...

This is inspiring to finally purchase and paint canvases for above our bed... I'm thinking three canvases and either doing "A & M" or "one more kiss..." with a separate canvas for each element. What do you think?

Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) said...

Ah! I'd love to make something like this! Too bad I have so much stuff on my walls already. I absolutely love "word art" and painting. I may be giving my local craft store a visit soon...!


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