Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My second 5k -- the Dr. Bob run

Hey friends!

I mentioned my second 5k a few times in the last couple weeks, and I wanted to share how it went with you.

You may remember I was pretty anxious about this run. The fact is, I'd quickly gotten out of shape running-wise. I'd been sick for a couple weeks with a nasty cough and had taken a break from running. And, since the semester started, I've been lucky if I've been able to run once a week (though when I was well enough I was doing Zumba and other work outs). My most recent run before the race had gotten cut short because of a lightning sighting.

So I was nervous about that. I hadn't run in so long, I wasn't even sure what kind of stamina I still had or if it was all gone.

A second factor making me anxious was the difficulty of the course. It was held at Rim Rock Farm, where the KU Cross Country team runs. From their website:

"Any runner or spectator will say that the course is quite challenging and unusual. In addition to having two covered bridges as part of the course, Rim Rock Farm also features specific hills, turns and other landmarks that are named after former Jayhawk greats."

I knew it would be hilly and my first race had been practically flat. So I was counting on the hills adding to my time anyway, even if I'd been in great shape.

Finally, I was running with Pat. If you guys haven't seen Pat, let me remind you what he looks like:

The boy is in great shape. Constantly. He couldn't be out of shape if he tried. He's not super active, but in high school he played soccer and had to run two consecutive 6-minute miles, and if he didn't, he had to run a third.

So I was anxious because we were running together and I wanted to be better than him because I'd trained and I didn't want to slow him down if he was better.

Race day arrived. It was not warm -- about 37 degrees when I left the house, I think. I layered up and headed out to meet Pat, who was volunteering at registration.

I was right, the course was hard. There were steep hills down, which was nice, but every time I knew I'd have to give it back eventually. But it was also gorgeous. Lots of pretty fall leaves, two covered bridges. If I had been walking instead of running, I would have taken tons of pictures.

Pat and I decided to try to stick together before the race started. I was also right about his speed -- I did slow him down. I had to walk a few steps a couple of times throughout the course -- mostly on or after the giant hills.

In the end, I had enough energy to push the last hundred meters or so, which I like to do because it makes me feel like I end on a success, even when my run was really hard. I finished with a time of 36:14.6, two and a half minutes slower than my first 5k.

Us in the car after the race
In the end I beat Pat by a tenth of a second, which is baloney because he could have gone faster pretty much the whole time.

Even with pushing at the finish, I felt pretty lousy about the run. I was embarrassed that I'd done so poorly, that I'd been breathing so hard, that Pat had had such an easy time of it. I'm still a little embarrassed and disappointed. I keep trying to convince Pat that he should run another race and run his race, not mine, but he doesn't seem to have any interest.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with you guys. I am not fishing for compliments, and I know that running a 5k is a cool thing and that it's more than a lot of people can do and more than I could do this time last year.

I think I try to be honest on my blog, and I've written a lot about running, so I felt like this is a part of the story. I also wanted to put it out there, I guess, for anyone else who is feeling down about their runs. I know there's a lot of runners in my blog world, so I guess this is a you're-not-alone type of deal?

It's also a self-serving post. I want to keep running. I want to do better. And next year, I want to go back to the Dr. Bob run and beat my time and be able to look at this post and see I've come a long ways.

For any other runners out there, this post did help me to feel a little better. 

If you've read this far, thanks for reading. :) Happy Wednesday, loves!


Christi said...

That is so awesome! I wish I had the guts to do something like that! Kudos to you!

Kate said...

I love this. I've been trying to convince Michael to run with me, but he never seems to get onboard. He was never super athletic, but he used to work out a lot before I met him.

It terrifies me to think about running with him! He's so much taller than me, that I feel like I have to run to keep up just when we're walking around the grocery store!

Sara said...

I wish I had the determination and strength to run a 5k. I've talked about doing that 'couch to 5k thing' to get in shape, but I've always kind of put it off. You inspire me to give it a try! I think you deserve major props for doing these. It's awesome!!

riana. said...

Abbey, you're amazing and sometimes we all have a bad race, it's happened to us all. You'll do better on the next one!

Cassy said...

I started training for the Turkey Trot here is SGF last weekend. I only ran one mile and it totally took it out of me :/

Keep your chin up! You're doing a fantastic job!

MacKensie said...

Thanks so much for following my blog! Congrats on your 5K! It gets easier and easier each time. You'll be running a 10k and then a half marathon in no time! Running is the best.



Katie said...

Good for you for getting out there and for pushing yourself even though it was really hard!

This was encouraging to me because my last few runs were...embarrassing...and I know I need to push myself to get better, even though it will be challenging.

Tamara said...

Abbey, you are awesome. Part of the running journey includes all the feelings you mentioned in this post [whether you're on a high or a low] and it's wonderful that you were willing to share.
I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to do the race again next year [that's how I feel with my crappy race in July] to prove to yourself that you can.
It's really hard but remember you're not running to compete with anyone but yourself and sounds to me like yourself is doing a pretty damn good job!

Genna said...

I'm so proud of you! That really is an awesome accomplishment. I'm restarting my running/getting in shape journey TONIGHT so let's hope mine goes as well as yours.

Tristan Schlegel said...

Me and my dad just finished a run with one of the clients he works with. Bruce is an adult with developmental disabilities and we pushed him in his wheelchair the whole 5k!

And it was HARD! But it was still much easier than I was anticipating. I thought pushing a wheelchair would be super tough compared to my normal runs and races that I've done. But it wasn't as terrible as I thought.

Always keep going, you're obviously going to have bad races, that's just life. Just be proud you're doing them! :)

Sarah said...

Nice job! Bad runs make the good ones feel even better :)

Recently Roached said...

You're not bragging at all, lady. You did a 5K and that's amazing! (Such a fun name!) It's a great goal to try and beat your time next year!

And I agree, boys are hard to run with!

Amy said...

girl i am so proud of you!
I remember when you first started running! Look how far you've come!

Katrin said...

Wow, I am so impressed! You are awesome! I should really start running again! Thanks for the inspiration!


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