Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [8.30.12]

Linking with Sar for Thursday Thoughts! :)

1. My first ever giveaway has ended!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats Simone! Now we'll have matching bracelets! :)

2. I'm getting nervous already for my 5k. I've been googling average times and worrying that I'll place horribly. I read a story about a man who runs way faster than me and he got 138th! Eeeep!

Of course, my race only had about 80 people registered as of Monday. But I'd really like to not be last across the finish line!

3. I had this for dinner last night and it was Awesome. Seriously already wanting to make it again. I took pictures while I was cooking it, but forgot a picture of the final product. Whoops? But it's seriously so easy, you shouldn't need my pictures.

                                                                                  Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

All you do is cook some pasta (they say penne, but I used rotini) like you normally would, throwing some broccoli in for the last two minutes. Strain that, then set it to the side. They say to reserve some pasta water, but I never remember to do that.

Then, in the same pot you just used, saute some onions and garlic in olive oil till the onions are lightly browned. Dump the pasta and broccoli back in, heat till it's warm, then top with ricotta and nom! I also added lots of parmesan. :)

Like I said, wayyy easy. It also only used one pot! If you click on the picture it'll take you to the pin, or you can go straight to the recipe here. Another bonus: the recipe is written to cook for one! Which is awesome because most recipes aren't, which makes it hard when you only cook for yourself. And if you want to make it for more, it's pretty easy to adjust! :)

4. I'm going to see the new Batman this weekend! We've watched the previous two movies over the last two weekends, so now I'm making Pat take me on a date to see the new one. :)

Other than that, we're going to KU's first football game and maybe playing cards with some friends! And, of course, I'll be running on Monday! (eeee!)

Do any of you have big plans this weekend? Can't wait to hear!


Katie said...

I'm so excited for your race! I know you will do just fine :)

That pasta dish looks delicious. Pretty much anything pasta/cheese related and I am SOLD.

KSCoffeeGirl said...

OH MY GOSH! YAY! Thank you!

You'll do great at your race! Be proud that you're doing it...I'm still on the couch. :)

And that pasta looks really good! Totally going to have to try it soon!

Kate said...

Don't even worry about placing. Even if you finish last, you're still running a 5k. That's always my mentality, at least. :P

Or you could be like me.
I think it was my 2nd 5k. I felt like I was doing horrrrribly, and then I got a 2nd place medal for my gender/age group!!

I didn't find out until later that there were only two females ages 20-30 that were running. So technically, I was still in last for my group. But hey! I got a medal!

Amy said...

Looks SOO yummy!
I have yet to see the new batman...slack i know. :) i haven't been to the movies since the hunger games premiere haha. oh well. :)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Good luck on your 5K! I am going my first one soon and I'm SO excited! Can't wait to hear how yours goes.

Sara said...

You'll do great at the race!! I wish I had the motivation to train for a 5k.

That pasta looks so good; I may have to try that recipe! :-)


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