Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [8.23.12]

Hi friends! Checking in today for Thursday Thoughts with Sar :)

1. As you may have noticed, I'm suddenly incredibly busy. Truth is, at my old job, I could blog all day because they just had nothing for us to do. But now, at my new job, I'm pretty all over the place!

To catch you all up, I'm in my first semester of a program in Higher Education Administration to get my masters. As part of that, I have a 30-hour-a-week internship. For non-googleability, I'm not going to tell you exactly where, but it's in one of the professional schools at the University of Kansas. I work in five -- FIVE! -- different departments and have five different bosses!

These first few weeks, they've kind of been trading me around and I shadow and learn from them for a day or a week or whatever. It's a lot of, "once we train you, you'll advise undecided students" and "once we teach you how, you'll be able to..." But for right now, just a lot of following along and learning. I did get to help teach a couple classes though! So that was fun. And my boss said I'm a natural :)

I am going to be in this position for two years, though, so by the end I should know everything. Right?

2. As you might have assumed, being in a masters program also comes with classes. I have three classes each once a week for two and a half hours starting at either 4:30 or 7:30. I love love loooove one of the professors (and I like the other one too!) and have done some of the reading.

Guys, I gotta confess. In my undergrad, I didn't really do any of the readings... like ever.

I'm gonna have to learn to read.

The classes are a bit overwhelming socially, though. I feel like everyone else already knows each other through working in similar areas, but I'm the only grad where I work. Boo.

3.I have another family situation going on that I can't really talk too much about, but good thoughts in the health-and-tiny-humans areas are much appreciated!!

4. I posted my first ever giveaway yesterday! Have you entered?

Hope you're all having a lovely Thursday evening! And HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to Tamara!!


Katrin said...

I am sending you all my good thoughts, dear!
Seems like you are very busy, but I am glad that you find some time to blog too. :)

Claire said...

Good luck with school. Seems like your busy days are just starting.

I hope you still have time for some fun. Wishing you the best.

Sara said...

Sending positive thoughts you way!

And I thought I was busy with you school; you definitely have me beat, dear! Good luck with everything! I know you'll do wonderful. :-)

Amy said...

DANG GIRL you are b.u.s.y.!!
I know what you mean, before college i never had to do anything, but my undergrad was ALL about reading/ knowing what you were talking about/ deep theology, philosophy conversations and i couldn't NOT read. was a wake up call!
Praying for you & your family. <3

Sar said...

Five different departments with five different bosses?! You're amazing! I'm impressed.

Trust me, the readings in graduate school are usually more fun. And BOO that everybody already knows each other, but they'll open up I'm sure.

Sending good thoughts as usual. And sooo going to enter your giveaway right now!

<3 <3

Tamara said...

Wow! I work in higher education and I guess technically I have like 4 different bosses - but they're all in the same department so it's all related somewhat. I feel for you! But you can do it, and we all love you enough to stick around your blog even if you can't post as much. :)

And I am sending you oodles and oodles of prayers, good thoughts for health&tinyhumans. I know how important they are.

THANK YOU MY ABBEY! I had an awesome birthday even if I am one year closer to the Dirty 30! Bleh!

Breenah said...

You're making me tired with all that, goodness!
Many good thoughts and prayers for the tiny humans will be sent your way.

Anonymous said...

I love tiny humans.

Many bosses=variety and balance in expectations (I hope).

You won't have to read all the assignments and you will learn which ones you have to read, as usual.

I love tiny humans and there are new pics on fb.

Danavee said...

Congrats on this new position! You'll rock it!

Lin said...

5 departments? That's crazy. Hope your going straight home & resting. I'd be pooped.

Ooh a giveaway, going to check it out now.

Shauna said...

Sounds like a fun new job!! I'm in the same boat about posting, I used to be able to blog all day at work but now I actually have work to do??

Sending your family good thoughts!


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