Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy birthday Emily!

Today is my older sister's birthday.
Me on left, Em on right
When I was a kid, I used to call Emily evil. We have always fought like siblings do. My mom got really mad when I called her that, but sometimes I think I really believed it.

But when we were fighting every other day, when she hit me so hard she left a handprint, or when I pulled out her hair (as a toddler) and then looked to see how much I'd gotten...
Me left, Em right
Even then I have great memories of me and Emily.

She's the one who taught me to put on make up. She taught me to serve a volleyball and was there when I tasted my first sip of alcohol.

She dragged me out with her and her friends in high school and I thought they were all so, so cool. One time we all climbed in a trunk to see if all the girls there that night could fit. (We did.)

I ruined several of her dates (I'm sure) by playing on the computer all night in the same room they were trying to watch a movie, shouting out mistakes in the film as I looked them up online.
My 21st, when she took me to see John Mayer
In high school we had connecting rooms. Sometimes in the mornings I'd run over there and ask her if I looked all right before leaving for school. Sometimes I'd run into her at school and see that she was wearing something from my closet.

I've lived with Emily when I couldn't live at home. I've borrowed her furniture and her car. And all this week, I've been using her shower because we still have no hot water.

She's helped me move every year of college, paid only in pizza or hashbrowns. I used to cry at Em's house my freshman year when I hadn't made any friends. And she picked me up late at night after the world's worst breakup, when I couldn't even talk, I was crying so hard.
Em, Anna, me, at our cousin's wedding
And sometimes I get to pick her up from the bar and she dances and tells the same stories the whole way home and is just as happy as anyone has ever been.

These are random memories, and probably not entertaining to anyone but my family. But. My point is that Emily and I are the quintessential sisters. We fight like crazy, but she's (almost) always been there for me.

I don't think anyone in the world deserves a happier birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM! Hope it's great :)


Cassy said...

Awww I love that post :) I just realized - I've known you both a very long time.

All sisters fight, but I think you two have one of the best sisterly relationships ever. Happy birthday to Emily!

Katie said...

Such a sweet post and what a great pair of sisters. Happy Birthday to Emily!

Anban:) said...

your really good at birthday posts, this one (and the one you made for dad on father's day) made me cry :') i love you two!

Tamara said...

Seriously. I have been on a freaking tear frenzy this week and this post totally did not help!
Happy Birthday Emily!

Shauna said...

Oh em gee your sister is exactly 3 days older than me! Happy birthday Emily!

Melissa said...

This is the sweetest post! I love having a sister. She's 3 years older. We fought too but not at all as adults. We are polar opposites but get along well! Love sisters!

Katie said...

My sister and I used to fight like crazy too. Now we just know that we can't live together, and we're good! :) Happy birthday to your sister!

lil desiqua said...

Aww this is so sweet! The random memories are always the ones that stick the longest. Makes me wish I had a sister!


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