Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meleah's shower/bachelorette!

Hey friends!

So it's been about a week and a half since Meleah's personal shower and bachelorette party, and since I asked you all for help, I thought I'd let you know what we ended up doing!

We held the shower at the Maid of Honor's house in the late afternoon. She made some delicious spinach and artichoke dip, her mom made some fabulous breadsticks, and there were lots of other snacks. (I contributed store-bought pretzels, chips and salsa. ha.)

For decorations, Anna helped me make these:

                                                                        Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

But they were more like these colors, since Meleah's wedding was pink and orange. They were pretty easy to make. I'd do a tutorial, but the link above has an awesome one, so why be repetitive? I hung them with fishing wire from the chandeliers over the gift and food tables and in the room we'd be playing games.

                                                                       Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

I also made this punch, which was SO GOOD. Seriously, I had like four glasses of it. It was also super easy, but make sure you read the directions because you have to freeze some stuff ahead of time.

                                                                       Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

At the shower, we played a few games. Unfortunately, they'd just played the name-the-lingerie game you all suggested at the MOH's shower about a month and a bit before, so we didn't want to repeat it so soon. But! The MOH, other bridesmaid and I came up with a few ideas I thought I'd share, in case any of you all have to plan a lingerie shower soon:

  • We played a who knows the bride best game where a bridesmaid had gotten Meleah's answers to questions ahead of time and we all had to try to guess not what we thought was the right answer but what Meleah thought was the right answer. Questions ranged from "Who will be the kids' disciplinarian?" and "Who will spend the most money?" to "Where was their first date?" and "What music will they play in their new home?" 
  • We played charades, and all the suggestions were either wedding or honeymoon related. Mine was sex on the beach. Ummm.... yeah, that wasn't easy to act out! 
  • We also all gave Meleah a piece of advice for her wedding night and she had to guess who said what! That one was fun, I thought, because some people were sincere and others were silly and all of it was unexpected! 
  • And finally, we also gave a prize to the girl who brought the pretties Meleah thought she might wear first! 
That's not all, though. We transitioned straight from the shower into the bachelorette with a game Amber suggested and we tweaked a bit.

We had already planned on going on a photo scavenger hunt, but Meleah was the only one who had to complete any of the tasks. So we took Amber's idea and changed it to fit the scavenger hunt. Each girl got a silly/suggestive nickname. We all had to call each other by that nickname only. If you messed up, you had to do something from the scavenger hunt with Meleah! It worked out pretty well -- only three of us (myself included) ended up having to join Meleah, but it was fun to be hollering out the nicknames in the middle of downtown Springfield.

So what were our names? Let's see if I can remember most of them.
  • Mrs. About to Have Sex 
  • Sexy Thang 
  • Vajazzle 
  • Badonkadonk 
  • Junk in the Trunk 
  • Get Naked 
  • Kama Sutra 
  • Pole Dancer 
  • Boobs Bollinger 
So yeah. It's kind of hard to get someone's attention across the street, and you don't always want to yell out "Vajazzle" or "Get Naked" in public.

We stole a lot of the scavenger hunt ideas from the internet/from a scavenger hunt my sister did a while back. Unfortunately, someone else was manning the camera, but here's what I remember:
  • Sit down at a table with a family you don't know
  • Try some of someone's food (that's the one I did with her!)
  • Make a toilet paper veil and wear it for five minutes
  • Get someone to sing the national anthem for you
  • Get handcuffed to a cop -- he turned us down :(
  • Ask a couple how they met
  • Get a cute boy to practice walking you down the aisle
  • We originally had get a piggy back ride from a stranger, but since Meleah was wearing a dress, we had someone leap-frog over her instead
  • Ask a cute boy to practice walking you down the aisle
  • Have someone serenade you
After the first couple she completed, Meleah got really into it and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

When we'd finished the scavenger hunt we all had dinner at a little Italian place. Yummm. This is where I got my only picture of the night (on my own camera, anyway).

I bought the dress just for this, and it ended up being almost too big, but I was out of time and I wore it anyway! I think it still looked ok. :)

After dinner, we all headed out to the MOH's family lake house. We did sparklers, ate lots of desserts (I made these s'mores again!) and watermelon, and I even checked off something from my bucket list. ;) On the way home, we had lots of girl talk and Meleah told the stories of all the past boys in her life and how they fell short of being The One. Which was really fun for me, because I was the only one who knew her before college, so I knew all the boys!

It was a really, really fun night, and I was so impressed with all the little details the MOH pulled together!

Are any of you into party planning? Do you ever totally fail at taking pictures like I did? :)


Shauna said...

Sounds like fun!! Those pinwheel things are cute!

Lin said...

Bridal showers are always so much fun because of all the cheesy games, haha. The flower decorations are absolutely adorable, love the colors. That's a great photo of you & the soon to be bride, you cant even tell the dress is a a lil big.

Alyx said...

Aww, this sounds like it was a blast! I love your dress, too!

Adrienne said...

Wow! That really sounds like it was an absolute blast!

Your dress looked wonderful!

Amy said...

Sounds like y'all had such a great time!! :) :)
That drink looks amazing btw.
and i luuurrve your outfit! (and the bride's!)

Danavee said...

I love the decor your chose! So fun!

Jules said...

The decorations and drinks look absolutely wonderful!

Meleah Morales said...

It was so perfect!!! :) I miss you so much! Thanks for everything you did to help! :)


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