Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Life: I'm an Editor

Hey friends! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about what I do every day. Kind of a getting to know me type post :) I don't usually post on Saturdays, but my calendar is filling up up up and I wanted to get this out there because... well, because it's my blog and I don't need a reason, :)

I'm an editor in online advertising for a company that works with small businesses. What that means is that I edit websites all day long!

Our typical customer is a small business owner -- we get a lot of electricians, contractors, plumbers, etc. 

We also do social media, so we have a team of people who will run facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linked in for businesses. So I also get to edit facebook posts, which can sometimes feel kind of silly since they're so short. :)

My job can be boring. Like reading 15 pages about plumbing.

And it sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies. We've had several pest control businesses, so after 25 minutes of reading about ants and spiders and termites, I just want to take a long shower.

It can also be pretty dang funny. Some of our more interesting clients have included a strip club, a lingerie shop, and a company that makes dolls that look like real babies (you can send in a picture and they'll recreate the baby!).

At work, I'm a rule follower.
I know when to say four and when to say 4 and I know that we don't capitalize all the letters in a title in one kind of writing but we do in others. I know the difference between compliment and complement, affect and effect.

I spend a surprising amount of time alphabetizing things.

My job affects my life outside of work.
Everything I do on a computer, I try to hit Ctrl S after to save it. Like, things on the internet or changing what folder a picture is in... Ctrl S. I'm constantly trying to save everything. Because I have to so so much throughout the day.

I can type really fast. :)

My mom and friends text me grammar and spelling and word questions.

I see the mistakes in your blog. Yup. I know which their they're or there you should be using and I know that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. I can also spot it if you have two spaces in between words instead of one. Quite a talent. Try not to be too jealous :)

But I'm not constantly internally correcting you.
 I think that's the biggest misconception about people who know their stuff grammar-wise. I
 say stuff that isn't completely by the books all the time -- in my blog and in my speech. Sometimes things just sound better wrong, and sometimes I'm just wrong. I don't judge because I know I'm not perfect either.

(I do however judge my writers when they do really stupid things. Like spell a business name wrong. I mean, come on. They're getting paid for this!)

What do you guys do? Anyone have a crazy cool job? Or are you all stuck at desks like me? :)


Nicole said...

That's a cool job! I always try to be grammatically correct... but my spelling is horrendous! Spell check is my best friend.
I'm a mommy by day and a voice teacher by Saturdays. It's a fun gig.

Laura said...

Interesting post! I'm always fascinated to hear about what people do day-to-day because it's always so different than what I would expect. Were you an English/Journalism major in college? Do you see yourself in editing long term?

Danavee said...

This IS super interesting. I thought I was the head of the grammar police (being a teacher and all) but you win!!! This is neato.

Alyx said...

My madre is a copy editor, too! It seems like a pretty sweet gig.
I'm currently a bum. Hopefully that changes soon, though!

Kate said...

I would sososo love your job. When I need to be, my grammar and punctuation tend to be pretty spot on. But I rarely ever proofread my blog posts, so I often notice my mistakes much later. :P

Shauna said...

What a fun job!! That's exactly what I wanted to do out of college (I'm a tech writing major) but around here in Seattle, you almost have to be a contract employee bouncing around Microsoft and other companies, so I never did do it!

Melissa said...

I think i would like your job. Except when I had to read about spiders for hours. Gross!

I have a pretty good handle on spelling, grammar & punctuation. I think! I don't get offended if someone points out something wrong, though - i like it to be right! I hate seeing comma overload in some blogs. And when people use the wrong form of loose/lose, their/there/they're, etc. But there are a few grammar rules I'm not sure of & I usually just do what i think is right, instead of looking it up! Haha.

I type super fast, too! Probably not as fast as you, though!

Love your blog!

Lin said...

lol, that's one hilarious picture! I sit behind a desk all day too. So damn boring.


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