Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [6.7.12]

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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1. I am one happy girl today. Maybe because I have an ice cream date tonight with my friend Blake. I think that guy could pull me out of the worst mood there ever was. And, I love ice cream! Ooor maybe it's because I finally got to skype with my faaavorite boy last night.

I like him :)
2. Thank you all so much for your great responses to my post yesterday. That one sat in my drafts forever because I felt like no one would get it. Isn't it funny how we can feel like we're the only ones struggling with something, and then we find out there's lots of people who feel the same way? Woah. Makes me feel a little humbled. Like, why would I ever think I was alone in anything when there's 239482730123 people in the world?

Anyway. Thank you for proclaiming your introversion. Made me feel better about my life. :) Also, if you liked that post, you should check out the post today at Today's Letters. Semi-related and interesting!

3. I started a new exercise class last night! I'm taking a time out from Zumba as I wasn't really that fond of my instructor and I can't seem to get in another class. Anyway, it's called Extensive Total Conditioning and sounds way intense. Here's the description:

"A class designed to build and keep your heart rate at a target zone with interval cardio work followed by functional strength, balance and intense core work followed by a relaxing cool down. The focus is to create a leaner, more flexible physique using classic sculpting and stretching techniques."

Doesn't that sound scary? I'm not sure if it's a real thing or something the instructor created. But anyway. It was broken into three parts. The first was similar to Zumba because we were moving around to music, but it was less like dancing and more intentional movements. Then we did stuff with resistance bands. Then we did some Tai Chi and yoga. 

It was fun and I felt silly sometimes but if I learned anything from Zumba it's that everyone feels silly but mostly they're staring down the instructor anyway, so you shouldn't even worry about it because no one's looking.

How is everyone's week going?


riana. said...

Haha I totally know what you mean, I went to a kickboxing class and felt silly cause I was doing it all wrong.
Yay you got to Skype with your bf, that's always nice!

Amy said...

Can't wait to hear about your class!!! :)
And yay for skype!

Alyx said...

Hahaha, I feel silly almost every time I go to an exercise class.

Tamara said...

Yay for ice cream & skype!
I hope your new workout class is amazeballs, I always get so nervous when I'm trying something new for the first time - like everyone will see me, point and laugh for no reason at all other than I'm a newbie. Weird, but true.

Lin said...

Getting ice cream & talking to your fella...that's definitely something to be happy about!


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