Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bridesmaid help!

Alright, here's the deal, friends.

I need your help!

My lovely bride-friend Meleah's "personal" shower is next week! You know, the kind where we give her lots of pretties to wear on her honeymoon.

I'm partially in charge of planning. I have lots of ideas for food and decorations, but since I've never been to one of these parties, I wondered if there is anything we have to do.

Have any of you all been to a lingerie-for-the-bride party? Were there any games/treats/decorations/ideas I just can't leave out?

Loving you all already if you have any ideas! Hope you're having a happy hump day :)


Alyx said...

Oh, gosh. I have no idea. Sorry I'm not any help!!

Cassy said...

The ONE shower I've been to like that, something fun we did was dress up the bride-to-be. There was a basket of completely ridiculous clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. and we blindfolded her while we dressed her up!

Leslie said...

I've never been to one of those showers.. but I'll have to help throw one here soon! So you'll have to share about it afterwards!

Danavee said...

We did an activity where you "name the garment" and make a menu for the groom. For instance, if she got a black lacy it "midnight special". He gets to choose what she wears based on the menu name only! Site unseen! We had a blast coming up with names for each thing!

Obviously Obsessed said...

Oh I like the Name the Garment game!! Some others I've seen done are striptease or bellydance lessons. Or get a video that teaches sexy moves or have a dance teacher come in and teach the bride some hot dance techniques!

Or give each guest a sexy or flirty nickname. Make name badges before the party. Write names such as "Hot Babe" or "Sexy Mama" on pieces of paper. Each guest must pin the name on her shirt. Make a rule that each guest must be referred to by her assigned name for the evening. If a guest calls someone by her real name, she must pay a penalty, such as performing a lap dance.

Pick one person to start Truth or Dare. Ask her to choose truth or dare. If she chooses truth, decide on a question to ask her, and if she chooses dare, think of an interesting dare, such as dancing on the table and singing in lingerie.

And ask each guest to bring a pair of underwear from home. Display the underwear on a table. The guest of honor must choose the owner of each piece of underwear, and if she guesses correctly, she gets to keep the underwear or gets a prize.

Whoa long reply. Hope that helps!!

xoxo Amber

Breenah said...

It might be too late since it's next week, just depends on how many people you can get ahold of. You have each girl get a pair of undies in the bride-to-be's size that reflects the gift giver's personality and have the bride-to-be guess who each is from. My mom did this for me and snuck in a pair of brown silky granny panties! Hope you all have fun :D

Suze said...

We played one where we all hung up the "pretties" on a clothesline and the bride had to guess which was from whom- it was super fun! :)

We also named the garments, which was pretty fun!

At one of the parties, all the other ladies were married or in long-term relationships, and we did an "ask dr. drew" type game where we went around and gave advice. We had cards that the hostess made that said stuff like "your wedding night in three words" and stuff like that. It was cute.

Joslin said...

We always used to use the gift wrap to create a wedding dress/bouquet for the bride. My friend's mom made a bouquet from the ribbons at her party. Just take a paper plate, cut an x into the middle and pull the ribbons through as she unwraps. But the end there should be a nice bunch.

rach said...

Well I dont know if your friends would be up for this, or if its "that" kind of shower, but we did a "peter pecker" for a couple of our friends showers....basically a joke blow up doll with a big...well you get the idea. The game is a ring toss...get the ring around the pecker lol. It was great for laughs!

Sar said...

I did the same thing as Danavee at a recent lingerie shower and it was hilarious, but we didn't make a menu...instead, we had paper bags and we wrote the name of the garmet on the outside of the bag so that her husband-to-be got to open the bag with the name he liked. She brought them all on her honeymoon in the paper bags, it was hilariously awesome.


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