Monday, June 4, 2012

Anna's trip to Lawrence!

A week and a half ago, my little sister came to visit me and my older sister. This is the recap of Anna's trip to Lawrence, as told by Anna's facebook status (with some edits by me) and photos. This post is suuuuper long and picture heavy, but for all my family and for me to remember, here it is!

"Things I Did In Lawrence (no order):
Ate at Celito Lindo on the patio on Mass, went to a pool party, went to the pool with Em Ab and Em's roommate Allison, watched a TON of Impractical Jokers, painted pottery,

My bowl! Before being fired

Emily's leaf dish thing before being fired

Anna painting her box thing, which I forgot to take a before picture of
went to a pet store that had a guinea pig in a bunny cage (apparently he thinks he is a bunny and doesnt get along with other guinea pigs), 

Oh, just a couple hamsters
JK! There's 19 million hiding under here

Giant turtles. I want one. I also named them all.
pet/played with Raja (Emily's cat), watched Knocked Up, The Hangover, Pirates of the Cerribean, Holes, Mean Girls, The Longest Yard, Licence to Wed, the new Footloose (i can totally relate), and saw MIB 3 in 3D (really good, i cried), ate at some other mexican restruant, walked Mass St, ate at some ice cream place on Mass that makes their own ice cream and waffle cones (i had Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Da Bomb), had a cupcake at a build-your-own kind of place

My cupcake :)
did Henna tattoo with Abbey, 

The kit we used, from Hobby Lobby

I had to tape a paper towel over mine overnight

Mine! It looked way cooler but then I effed it up working on Anna's

One of Anna's, she designed herself

Anna's other one
went bowling,

Apparently she didn't do too hot
then at like 10 a clock when we were done we went to an all hours bakery, went fishin' in the dark, passed a creeper van on the way, and made friends with a duck at that lake, watched Ab's roommate Katie flail trying to get the lour un-stuck from a tree (i was crying!), went to a waterfall, skipped rocks (4 skips), walked in the water, tried to catch those little fishes that live in the shallow water at the edge, 

Katie reminding Anna how to cast

Then we went to a waterfall!

I really like this picture!

This one's good too

Skipping rocks 

Also a cool picture

Trying to catch fish!

had some fancy noodly thing Em made... and basically had a TON OF FUN!!!"

Glad you had fun, Anban. :)


Leslie said...

looks like y'all were busy busy!! The pottery y'all painted looks so cute :) What a fun time!

Jodi said...

Love the FB updates! You guys did A LOT in one weekend. Looks like such a fun time! Love painting pottery!

Amy said...

Man all of that looks like so much fun!!! :)
And yall fit in a lot of different activities over one weekend! VERY exciting! :)
Love all of the pictures.

Meg {henninglove} said...

cielito lindo i need to try that place! and why is your sister going to lawrence? i lived there for 3 years back when i was in elementary school


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