Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday thoughts [5.17.12]

I'm linking up again this week with Sar for Thursday thoughts!

[1.] Pat is essentially living with me this week, and let me tell you, I'm loving it. We've played a couple games of disc golf and watched a few movies (Deep Blue Sea, anyone?) and tonight and tomorrow we're going to KU baseball games! I loooove baseball games, even though I usually go just to be outside and talk and eat and I'm sure Pat will actually want to watch, but it should still be fun! Nothing says summer like baseball!

[2.] Before Pat was allowed to start crashing here, I made him buy groceries. I mean, I can feed him a couple nights here and there, but I knew feeding him for a week was going to break the bank. We both eat a lot of pasta, and so I paid for the sauce and let Pat pick the pasta. This is what he got:

A ginormo box of spaghetti. That picture doesn't really show it, so I made a little size comparison for you:

In front is a normal-sized box of spaghetti. The one in back is the one we've been eating from this week. Woah.

[3.] Ok, so you guys remember a while ago when I was looking for yogurt without a million grams of sugar? Just in case anyone else out there is looking, I've found it in Yoplait's Greek yogurt! I bought the blueberry and it's great!


Well apparently I have food on my mind. But those are my thoughts this week.

I hope you all are eating yummy food and have wonderful, summery plans coming up! Happy Thursday everyone!


Sar said...

That is a ton of spaghetti, which means it looks DELICIOUS!

Alyx said...

Mmmmm spaghetti!!!

Amy said...

Dang that is A HUGE box of pasta

Katie said...

Smart idea making him buy his food. Me and my honey have a joint checking account now, but when we didn't I always marveled at the amount of money he would spend on food at the grocery store. It's insane!


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