Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [5.10.12]

Linking up with the lovely Sar for Thursday thoughts!

1. Remember when I asked for running advice? Well, yesterday I kind of accidentally joined a running club! I had gotten emails at work about doing a Couch to 5K program so I wandered down to the meeting expecting to pick up the training schedule and peace out.

Turns out I'll be running once a week with a group of 5-6 middle-aged women, one of their husbands, and potentially even their 5-year-old son. I'm also supposed to run 2-3 times on my own every week. I also get a t-shirt! I think it'll be semi-awkward, but probably good for me.

Also, they gave me a list of running tips! I can post some of them if you all are interested.

2. Also, remember when my roommate had the toothbrush mix up a couple weeks ago? Well, earlier this week I got new razors. I saw that she had an orange one, so I picked a yellow one to start using. This morning I got in the shower and she'd changed it out for a yellow razor. What the what? I hid mine behind some shampoo bottles so hopefully she can keep them straight.

3. No pictures so far... hmmm... here's a picture of a maybe snapping turtle I saw when I was walking the other day! He was actually quite large.

4. Boyfriend leaves for Oregon for the summer next Saturday. Boooooo. I will probably start crying the night before and not stop until an hour or so after I drop him off at the airport.

Before he leaves, though we have to finish the puzzle we've been working on. Otherwise, I'm never going to check that off my list!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Alyx said...

Booo, that sucks about the bf leaving!!

exlibrisheather said...

Nice blog--found it through Sarah's Thursday thoughts. Good luck on training for your 5k. I actually had a friend do that race last year in Chicago and I think she really enjoyed it. Also, in creeping on your "about me" I see you went to KU. I'm actually from Kansas and went to KSU.


Shauna said...

Yay for the running group! I kinda joined one last week too, funny! It really makes you run longer than you would on your own haha!

Sorry your boyfriend will be gone all summer :(!

Leslie said...

that running group will be perfect motivation!! and what is your roommate's deal?! lol! Copying all of your toiletries, dang.

Katie said...

Sadness for your boy leaving! That would be so hard!! I hardly function when my leaves me for a guys' weekend! ha!

Lin said...

I think it's awesome that you joined up a running group, it'll be good for you to hang with fellow runners. Have fun!

Um, your roommate may be trying to steal your identity little by little. First by copying your toothbrush & now the out girl cause next it's gonna be your clothes haha.

Tara Renie said...

First time at your blog, I had found it on the link up list :)

That's awesome that you're joining a running group! I laughed out loud when you said it would probably be awkward, only because I think it would be awkward for me as well. But it should be fun and very healthy! Can't wait to read more about it :)

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

PLEASE post the running tips! Any and all will be helpful lol
Also, i'm SO EXCITED that you joined a group! how stinking awesome!
and BOOOOO for the boyfriend leaving. :( that really, really sucks.


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