Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Ok, I'll admit it: I've been a little stumped as to what to post today. So I decided on a video that makes me really happy but might be boring to everyone else. Oh well.

Last fall, my alma mater (which is huuuuge in college basketball) hosted an event where they brought former basketball stars back to KU and let them scrimmage together. The game ended with a 3-point shot by Paul Pierce to win the game, then a 3-point shot by Mario Chalmers to tie it back up. It, apparently, was insane and wonderful.

I love this video, though, because you can see my bf and friends celebrating Paul Pierce's shot. At about 28 seconds in, over the head of #25, you can see a dude in the crowd wearing a blue shirt and red tie. That's my friend Toby. To his right is my bf Pat, and to his right is Sam. (You kind of have to have it full screen to really see them.)

I looooove watching miniature versions of my friends throw their arms up when he releases the shot then jump and cheer when it goes in. It's like a tiny, always-happy version of Pat is running around somewhere!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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