Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend!

Hello again!

I thought I’d post a quick weekend recap for you all! This is something I’ll hope to continue regularly, or at least when I’ve had an exciting weekend.

This past weekend started for me Wednesday night. I got off work early and headed straight to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. The drive takes a while, so I got home Wednesday evening around 7:30. The rest of the night was pretty chill--we all just relaxed in the living room and went to bed pretty early.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! Anna (my little sister) and I slept in, then went on a walk with my mom. We also took my pug, Chewy. He’s a proud little bugger and I love the way he struts around. 

After our walk I helped my grandma with her pumpkin pie (we think she left out the sugar... whoops...) and her sweet potatoes. Grandma is 96 years old and lives in an apartment attached to our house. She’s in great shape physically, but she’s getting more and more confused mentally. But she’s a whole story/post of her own.

My older sister Emily got home around then, and soon after we had Thanksgiving dinner. As I mentioned before, my family is very spread out, so it’s just me, my parents, grandma and my sisters, but it was nice to all be together.

After dinner Emily kicked our butts at scrabble and I barely won out at Balderdash. Lucy wanted to play too!

Friday I laid around with Emily and Anna all day reading and watching movies. There were so many good ones on TV! We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc. and Wall-e. I also got some work done on my grad school application AND sent a short story out to be considered for publication for the first time!

Saturday I finally got the chance to catch up with my bestie from high school, Meleah, who I haven’t seen since March.

Meleah is engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid! We talked about wedding stuff for a while and she showed me her dress (she’s wearing her mom’s wedding dress!). Then we hung out with her future husband, Ricardo.

Meleah is also in med school, and she did some work on my back! Here she is working on Ricardo.

At home I played some more scrabble with Anna and watched “Despicable Me.” (Or maybe we watched that Friday?)

Finally, on Sunday I got to hang out with my dad quite a bit. We went to Lowe’s together and then he helped me work on a project, which I will unveil at a later date. :) But here he is drilling a hole for me:

He also cut a board for me so my boyfriend and I can do puzzles! This way we won’t have to leave them laying out on the table in between nights when we work on it.

Anyway, I am very thankful for all these people and most of the others in my life. :) Thanks for reading!

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