Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back to Couch to 5k

Hi friends!

Over two years ago, I posted my eternally most popular post ever: the Couch to 5k plan I used when I very first started running.

That post is clearly the most viewed post I have -- although the competition isn't super fierce. I'm not really a very pinnable blogger. But that post -- or at least the image from it -- has been pinned over 5000 times.

So. I thought I'd quickly revisit it because: Guess what? I've been using that plan again.

I kind of wanted to put it out there that I have completed a marathon and am now being challenged by Couch to 5k and that's ok.

After my marathon, I pretty much stopped running. I ran one 5k about two weeks later. I did a fitness class for a couple months, but just could not bring myself to run.

Then I moved to Colorado. I spent a lot of time eating my emotions and making friends on Netflix. Which, you know, not the best coping mechanisms, but they got me through the winter, which was pretty tough. I was leaving when it was dark in the morning and getting home when it was dark at night. I had little motivation to work out, so I didn't.

A few months ago (I think?), I decided to get back at it. I fiddled around on the stationary bike, elliptical and treadmill at my apartment gym with no real goal in mind. I got my endurance back to where I could complete 30 minutes of exercise.

And then I started Couch to 5k again.

After all that time not running, I have totally no shame in scaling back my running and having to get back into shape. It was basically nine months-ish (10?) of not running and barely working out. OF COURSE I have to start back at the beginning. I would destroy my body trying to jump in at any level other than the beginning.

I think people who work out and especially runners are embarrassed to take a step back. As if because I ran one marathon I will eternally be able to run marathons. Um. No. That was hard as hell.

And right now, Running a 5k distance is enough to make me feel accomplished for the day. Because I've worked to get my fitness back. I have woken up for more 5:30 am workouts than I wanted to. I've done burpees and froggers and planks. I've put in the miles, again.

So if you see me bragging about hitting milestones again when I hit them for the first time years ago. Well. I'm probably going to be just as proud this time through as I was that time.


Cassy said...

You should be proud! I'm sure in a few months when I'm able to get back to running, it won't be pretty. That reminds me, I should really pin that C25k program... :-P

Kate said...

"Um. No. That was hard as hell." hahaha.

But seriously. Love this! It's so spot on. I think you know how much I've battled with the whole, "I used to be in shape. Why is this so hard?" thing. And I also think that's partly why I DID hurt my Achilles a few months ago because I was destroying my body.

As much as I wish I could brag about running a marathon, that's not where I am. And right now, I'm perfectly happy with sticking to 5ks. I'm super excited about you getting back into running too! I can't wait for you to hit all those milestones again. :)

Amy said...

proud of you for getting back in the game!
i've slooowwwlly started adding back distance to my running.
ugh kills me.


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