Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simone and Levi are MARRIED.

Hello friends!

This weekend was the BEST weekend I'd had in a long time.

My lovely friend Simone is now a married woman. She is someone's WIFE. It blows my mind.

Simone had a wonderful weekend planned out for us -- rehearsal dinner + hanging out Friday night, pampering and a delicious breakfast Saturday morning, WEDDING TIME, party bus, super fun reception, and brunch the next day.

And I was also a little bit extra excited because Pat came to the wedding!

The photographers from North 40 Photography were wonderful and already have some pictures up on Facebook, which they said I could share with you! Isn't Simone the most beautiful bride?

On the way to the reception, we stopped at this covered bridge for some photos. It was SUPER COLD but also really fun. And I think Simone and Levi got some beautiful shots of just the two of them.

I cried a couple times -- when Simone was getting ready, when she was walking down the aisle. I'm just so, so excited for Simone and Levi!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps68f37922.jpg


Kate said...

Yay for time with Pat! Congratulations to Simone!

And those bridesmaid dresses are perfection. SO in love with them!

Shauna said...

Fun! I love the dresses!! Can't wait to see your wedding!!

Weird, I had to add your blog as a security risk to look at it at today!


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