Monday, September 29, 2014

The (Your Name Here) Scholarship

Hey friends!

How's your Monday going? Apparently today is International Coffee day. I participated with my (new) normal: a half coffee, half milk and hot chocolate mix concoction. And now, I have all the energy. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

As someone who works in higher education, I find myself thinking about the cost of college a lot. I was fortunate enough to get several scholarships that helped me through (though I still have a good chunk of student loans as well.)

I'm going to be paying off my loans forever weeeeeeeeee!!
Let's say, many years from now, you're rich (congratulations, you!) and you believe strongly in the value of a good education (if it's not true, just go with me here...), so you want to set up a scholarship.

You can make any parameters on this scholarship you want -- it can go to someone from a certain background, of a certain race, going to a certain school, of a certain major or field of study. Whatever you want. It's yours to create.

What would your scholarship go to?

A few scholarships of my scholarships were named from the person who donated the money, and I'm always thankful to this unknown benefactor, who made the gift that made my education possible (or at least lessened the debt I went into to get that education). So I've thought about what I would want my scholarship legacy to be.

I think I might give my scholarship to the child of a small business owner or a social worker. That's what my parents do, or did when I was growing up, so I have a soft spot for people who pursue those careers and would love to help them and their children out.

What about you? Who would you want your scholarship to go to?


Kate said...

Way to get me thinking deep on a Monday. ;)

I'm basically on the same page as you. I think I'd want mine to go to a child of a teacher. That's probably because my mom WAS a teacher (and now I'm basically one.) As much as it varies from state to state, teachers don't make great money, but they put SO MUCH into the education of other children.

We have several local people who like to give small scholarships to students at our specific high school. Part of me would love to do that even more. I would love to go to a guidance counselor and say, "I want you to pick a deserving student who DOESN'T win everything. The kind of kid that might not be the TOP student or might be too intimidated to run for class president, but the kind of kid that is a kind and works hard." Because I can think of one girl right this second who is so so so so smart, but she's so so so so shy. She is SO DESERVING of scholarship money, but she never made a name for herself. She was never a leader of anything, but she's still a great student, ya know? Now I'm just rambling.

jaime said...

My brother and I went to the same college and years ago we joked about donating enough to have the newest dorm named after us. The Binde dorm. (My maiden name.) Obviously, we didn't really have the $50,000 to give for that.

And it's interesting that I now work in the advancement office, so I'm close to the processes that set up the scholarships and the naming opportunities for buildings. (Wow. Just wow.)

I'm not sure the criteria I'd set for my scholarship. I know we have several that aren't used because the criteria is SO strict. So the money just sits in a fund until we have that oboe player from (insert county name).

Miss Nutralicious said...

Oh, this is a good topic! If I had scholarship money to give, I would do a Mr./Ms. Congeniality scholarship. It wouldn't be based on athletic or academic ability. Instead, it would be based on how well the student worked in groups, helped teammates, showed respect to peers, etc.

To apply, two classmates/teammates would need to submit an essay about the applicants goods deeds. Because, seriously, would you write a peer essay for a jerk? I know I wouldn't.

Overall, I don't care if someone achieved a perfect ACT/SAT score, I just want to give my money to a nice person. I think the money would go further, and it would be for a better cause.


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