Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time is FLYING

You know the feeling of setting something on your calendar that feels YEARS away, and then getting to that day and thinking, but it wasn't supposed to happen yet! It should still be six pages ahead in my planner, not today!

I feel like that a lot lately.

Since I last posted any life updates, I ran my half marathon (which I did post about), and another race (which I have yet to post about, but want to).

I edited at least 78 resumes, but once you count in all the walk-ins who don't show on my calendar as appointments, you can probably bump that up to at least a hundred. I also gave four resume writing presentations and one over general career fair-yness.

I planned a dinner for over 200 people the night before the career fair, and handled all the students who needed to Get Their Act Together Already.

Then the career fair finally happened and we all could breathe again.

I went to an engagement party with my boy, for which we dressed fancy(er than normal) and failed to get a picture together.

And I've been to a couple football games.

I've also managed to go to class, read for class, write papers and blogs and whatnots for class, catch a cold, sleep in once or twice, and miss blogging and all of you.

Coming up in the next week, in the category of I-Can't-Believe-This-Is-Already-Happening are the fall retreat for the leadership plan I work with (I LOVE RETREATS), a couple workshops to help me with the looming Big Girl Job Search (coming to a theater near you in May!) and, oh yeah, mine and Pat's three year anniversary (um, WHAT? when did that happen?)

I hope to be back on this blog more regularly, friends. I have a list as long as my arm of brilliant blog posts. If only I could get my fingers to type them.

Please, tell me -- what's happening in YOUR world? (I miss you!)


Kate said...

So even though the actual HAPPENINGS were different, I know just how you're feeling.
After a really, really, really hectic week 2 weeks ago, I sent Michael a text that said, "For the first time, I'm really dang proud of myself for surviving grad school with 2 jobs. Because I'm miserable after this one busy week. How did I survive 2 years of being that busy?!"

Luckily, you'll be finished relatively soon! And life will return to normal, and you'll be able to enjoy life a little more. Also! Yay for anniversary! We just had our a few weeks ago. :)

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Yeah for anniversary!! Me and JBK's 2 year is next month. Hello when did that happen!! :) it was just yesterday I blogged about him and meeting him.

Ech and Will said...

Wow you've been busy! But that's good though! I hope you have an amazing anniversary with Pat!

Genna said...

I feel like we are pretty much the same person right now. I am SO feeling the same way! Life is just nuts. I think the weeks right before and right after mid-semester are the busiest, not to mention working on top of going to school just makes you want to crawl into bed and not come out.

The Lady Okie said...

Happy anniversary! I've been working and running and blogging. And cooking dinner for jordan, of course :)

Holly said...

Yes, time really IS flying by!! You have been busy, and I've missed you and your wonderful posts! But I've been busy too. Life happens, and I'm glad to see you're enjoying it!!


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