Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Training Tuesday [8.6.13]

Hey friends! It's Tuesday again, and around here that means I talk about my training! If you're working toward any kind of healthy living goal, feel free to link up and share your progress. Go on, brag about yourself a little!

Workouts this week
Tuesday: Two and a half miles outside
Wednesday: Rested
Thursday: Three miles outside -- my last in Decatur!
Friday: Rested (slash drove 6 hours back to Kansas)
Saturday and Sunday: It was rainy and thunderstormy all weekend, but I managed some cross training inside.
Monday: Went out for 4 miles, came back after two. Oops.

This weekend was a bit of a struggle -- it was either raining and storming or really really hot all weekend, plus I'd just gotten home and was tired from moving and going crazy organizing and doing laundry.

I ended up deciding to switch this past weekend's long run with the upcoming weekend's run and do 4 miles, but even that ended up not happening because I went out yesterday and only did two.

I'm not really stressed about any of this though -- I feel like I've been doing decently with my training, and my body was tired, so I think I just needed to rest. Back at it today though!

How are you all doing? Any weather getting in your way?


jaime said...

The only weather getting in my way has been heat/humidity related. Otherwise, just plain unmotivated. Trying to get back in my running groove, and hoping that it comes back soon!

Ech and Will said...

The heat is one huge de-motivator. I keep telling myself that I'll get back on the elliptical once it cools off. So terrible, I know!

Katrin said...

I only went hiking but I did not go running. I feel a little bad about it. :(

Tristan Schlegel said...

I had a bad accident while camping this weekend! Torn up knees and shoulders and can't even move my legs to work out! Not to mention I decided to take last week off because of the craziness of my life right now and because I thought a quick break would be good for me! But now I am on a much longer break than anticipated. And I am FREAKING OUT! My body wants to work out so bad and I'm hating it so much!

Shauna said...

Guess what? I totally went running last night!!! First work out in like 4 months!


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