Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting to know you, getting to know all about youuuu....

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!

My lovely friend Kaitlin recently awarded me the Liebster award. So fun! I'm not sure I'll follow all the rules of the game, but I thought it would make a nice almost-weekend post to answer the questions she posed. :)

1. What is your favorite dessert?
The BEST dessert I've ever had was at a scholarship dinner thing at a college I didn't go to. It was warm apple something with ice cream. The best. But I'm pretty happy with most desserts. As long as they aren't coffee flavored.

2. What is your favorite scent?
I have a few! I actually asked my summer staff this question as an ice breaker and they thought I was SO WEIRD. Anyway. My answer that day was sunscreen + ocean, but others in the fight for "favorite" are honeysuckle and campfire.

3. What two things do you look forward to most every day?
Oh mylanta, I've answered all the other questions and still haven't thought of an answer for this. I guess the moment when I get home from work or from work + class and see Pat is pretty nice. Naps are nice too. And dessert. That's three things.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
The Scottish Highlands. Although at this point I'd be happy to move out of the midwest for a while -- not because I don't like it, but because I'm antsy for something new.

5. What is your best memory from high school?
Oh gosh. That's a hard one. I'm going to cheat a little and do one that was right before I went to college. The last night I was in my hometown before I moved, my friends and I went to the drive in movie. We did that a lot back then and I'd still say it's my favorite summer activity even though I haven't been in years. (Getting off topic, but it's TOTALLY not about the movie at all. We'd go early and bring board games and a volleyball and just hang out until the movie started, and then even when the movie's going, it's just so nice to be out in the fresh summer air. Love it.)

I don't remember a whole lot about this night in particular, but after the movies, we went back to our church, which was our meeting-up-spot where we started the carpool, and we hung out there for a few hours, just talking and being together for the last time before I moved a state away. We saw upwards of 15 shooting stars that night, and there was this sense of the adventure I was about to start and how things would be changing and it was pretty magical.

6. What’s your favorite book genre?
I like fantasy a lot, but I also like contemporary (could happen in real life) books a lot. Which are kind of opposites.

7. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
I'm not sure I believe in guilty pleasures. Like, should we really feel guilty about liking the things we like? (the answer is only yes if the things you like are child porn or something). Anyway. I watch very little TV -- New Girl and Bones are the only shows I can think of, and I'm not embarrassed about either!

8. Do you have any tattoos?
Nope. Haven't found anything that means THAT much to me yet.

9. Cats vs. dogs?
Aaah, I'm a dog person through and through but cats are growing on me. I want both.

10. Chocolate or vanilla?
I LOVE CHOCOLATE. But vanilla ice cream. Or twist.

11. Do you feel like you are taking a MySpace survey? :)
Maybe a little. :)

In case you just can't get enough of me, there's more random about me stuff here, here and here. :)

Okay, your turn. Pick a question and answer in the comments! Ready, set GO!


Kate said...

Tiramisu. Favorite dessert, hands down.

The day Michael made it for me as a surprise is quite possibly the day I knew I was going to keep him forever. :P

Tamara said...

I thought asking about your favorite scent was a totally normal question. I'm a fan of coconut :)

I've always wanted to go to Scotland (and will someday!) I'm still amazed at how awesome that picture is you took.

New Girl - LOVE that show. Bones is one of the shows that plays on repeat in the gym when I'm usually running so I've been getting into it a lot lately. No shame in either of those!

Katrin said...

Congratulations on the award!
I would totally want to live in the Scottish highlands too!
Love that picture!

Amanda said...

haha! I love question #11. That's amazing.

Amy said...

The Scottish Highlands = YES!!!

Kaitlin said...

Just got a chance to read these .... love all your answers! I also would LOVE to live in the Scottish highlands! I got to go once and fell so so in love! And I have to say I'm impressed that you have such a specific favorite dessert memory! I now believe I know the way to your heart! haha


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