Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five posts I don't usually read

Let's be honest -- as much as you love a blogger, you probably don't read every one of their posts. I know most of you probably don't read my Training Tuesday posts, and that's fine -- I write those for me! And even if I don't read something you write, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be writing it!

So there's nothing wrong with writing a post that isn't eeeeveryone's cup of tea, right? And there's nothing wrong with admitting the posts you just aren't interested in, right??


Because really, it's not you. It's me.

So here's a short list of some of the ones I tend to skip.

ONE. Recipes with meat in them
Unless it looks like it could be easily altered to be veggie, I'm sayin Next like I'm on the MTV Next bus.

TWO. That Link Up that Everyone On My Blog List is Doing.
I've been known to do link ups. Now and then, it's fun. But when it's eeeevery blog on my list? My attention span just isn't that great.

THREE. Manicure posts
Friends, I struggle with just a basic one color manicure. I painted my nails Sunday night last week and thought I was fancy because I did a different color on my ring fingers than the rest of my fingers.
All my effort was wasted when I'd picked it all off by noon the next day. It had chipped and I just Could Not Handle It.

FOUR. Posts about blogging.
I think I've even written these in the past, but I just don't read them anymore. Seeing my blog grow would be fun, sure. But with grad school, work, running, and all the other priorities in my life, it always gets edged to the back burner. Maybe someday.

FIVE. The seventeenth post you're posting with pictures from your vacation.
Maybe if you're truly my blogging bff soulmate, I'll read it. But usually, I'll skip it. Let's face it, I'm just too jealous of your awesome trip.

I know I'm not the only one who skips blogs. (please tell me you all do it too and aren't judging me)

What kind of blog posts do you all scroll on past?


Sara said...

I skip most of the posts you mentioned in your list, except for the recipes with meat. :-) I tend to steer clear (for the most part, there are exceptions) of posts about beauty/fashion because, let's face it, I just suck at all of that stuff. ;-)

Holly said...

Hahaha I do a lot of these, too. Particularly the nail ones. And vacation posts are alright, I mean...I do them, but I try to limit it to ONE post--y'all don't need to see all 400 pictures I took! I also tend to skip posts about sponsors. Sorry, I don't do sponsors and I don't feel the need to grow my blog in that way, so I just skip them usually.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I think I would have to agree with all of these! Even though, like you said, I'm probably guilty of doing one or two here or there in the past.

I used to LOVE linkups but I don't know I've grown weary of them lately.

Brianna Tucker said...

I skip posts too! There are so many blogs I follow I can't read every post from everyone. There are a few blogs I read everything from but if I did it for all blogs I would have no life!!

I skip fashion posts! Those posts are staged and honestly I like looking at outfits that people where everyday!

Katrin said...

I don't read posts about meat recipes or manicures either. Even worse: pedicures. :)

The Lady Okie said...

Fun post topic! I read this one ;) Here's what I DO read: If your post has the word "running" in the title, I'll read it! But manicures, hair, and (usually) style don't get read. Also, most posts having to do with babies or review of baby-type things. I'll be there some day, but for right now it doesn't interest me. Right now I'm totally into posts about real life. Finding happiness and joy, you know, those lame types of things :) It's fun finding other people who can relate to where I'm at.

Kate said...

Yes, yes, yes! (minus the meat recipe one.)
I skip posts that have to do with hair, too. My hair is like an untamed lion mane, so I keep it short. No matter how many times people post about achieving the "perfect beach wave", i will never have it.

I also hate seeing all of those wish-list posts. I mean, I don't mind seeing ones like, "These are great running products I want to try!" or a random one now and again. (I mean, I have found some pretty cool etsy shops that way) But when it's just a collage of plates/necklaces/shirts/blahblahblah... I don't really care what you're lusting over EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Also. (man, I'm hateful today.) I completely agree with the link up bit. Link ups are fun. I've found plenty of bloggers that way. but I feel there are a number of link ups I could name that I still don't even understand the POINT of the link up other than gaining traffic. Drives me NUTS.

I'm going to stop there before I end up sounding like some hateful old biddy.

Beach Bum said...

dont get me wrong I try to read all the blogs I go to. But sometimes its hard. Esp if its about fashion, this dress or that dress, makeup, DIY projects or some recipes. So no you're not the only one chick.

Amy said...

hahah agreed!
And someones cup of tea is another persons poison so no worries there!
Fashion blogs. 99% of the time if you're posting pictures of you in 1,000 different outfits i'll mark "read" haha...i just am not fully interested in that right now!
Sometimes i skim over blogs that i'm not fully invested in if the content isn't what i'm feeling that day. Man that makes me sound shallow.
WHATEVER when i'm reading 100+ blogs it gets daunting trying to keep up with everything and everyone haha so i have my favorites <3

Jordan said...

I skip ALL sponsor and guest posts. Every single time.

Amanda Schroeder said...

I skip fashion posts and MOST recipes. :D

Kaitlin said...

Haha I skip those too! Also many of the fashion ones because they just make me feel poor...

Tristan Schlegel said...

I skip all of these two...although I'm 200% guilty of the last one..whoops! They're mostly for my family to take the pictures from though! :)

Another one I skip are "Things I'm loving right now" No one cares...please just love these things on your own and don't share them with the blog world!

Kristen said...

I do the link up thing every once in a great while now. I used to do it all the time in the beginning, which I found some great blogs because of it. But I hate when some blogs pretty much ONLY do link ups. That's annoying.

I also hate sponsor posts. HATE.

Cassy said...

I totally don't read every single post on my list, and I'm not a bit offended when some of my more "loyal" followers don't read every single one of my posts. None of us would have lives outside of blogging if we did that! Posts I typically don't read:
- Personal workout, budgeting, meal, etc. logs (sorry Abbey!)
- Recipes that contain things I no longer eat now that I'm doing the Paleo thing
- Really technical posts
- How-tos (usually, unless the end product is super super amazing)

But just because I don't read these things doesn't mean I don't appreciate it when people post them. Yay for celebrating differences!

emskiruns said...

I'm another one who skips the fashion posts - I'm happy to be my comfortable self if I like it I wear it I don't need others to tell me what would look cute - If I need advice I'll phone a friend!

Also I'm not a huge fan of link ups - I don't do them myself as I figure if people want to look at my blog they'll find it their own way - maybe by seeing a comment I posted on a friends blog or something and I'm always thrilled with new visitors or followers but I rarely view a link up post.

Also hair posts - I have super short hair and have no need for posts on super cute ways to do buns or awesome new dip styles.

Like most people who have posted I know people who check out my blog or follow me don't read all my posts - none of us would have time for our training, cooking delish food or social lives if we did that :)


Melissa said...

I skip pregnancy update posts. Not the different ones but you know how they have "bumpdate - week 21" or whatever, and it's a questionaire? Every pregnant blogger uses the same one. I go right past those.

I also skip manicure posts! LOL. And usually ones about blogging, too. I mean, enough already. I just don't get it. (The growing your blog thing. I really honestly and truthfully couldn't care LESS how many people read my blog!)

Shauna said...

Love this :) So many lifestyle blogs I've pretty much stopped reading completely because there's only like one in 1000 posts that are worth reading!

Tamara said...

Yes on all of these! I skip over a lot of hair/fashion/make-up posts because I'm good with my $5 Covergirl Foundation and can't bring myself to buy $30 tube of mascara. Just no.

If there's something with running/working out - I generally look that over because that is a huge part of my life right now. And definitely anything that I think can relate/help me with a marathon. That is a must.

I'm not a huge link-up person anymore either. I've met great people from them, I just get irritated when that's all a blogger does.

I also love vlogs but typically I'm at work & can't always watch them so those can get glossed over pretty easily too.

Niken said...

fashion blog. i just don't know what to say after type 'cool t-shirt' and 'nice jacket' twice. and then furbaby. i'm not really interested about pets,

Allison said...

Just found your blog from Amanda's. :) I usually skip sponsored blog posts...they bother me. I get why it has to be done, but that doesn't mean I have to read it. Haha.


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